Captivating the King (2024) Episode 4

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10 Comments to “Captivating the King (2024) Episode 4

  1. I guess this is gonna be one of those tragic historical drama full of angst, betrayal, etc akin to moon lovers.. I didn’t expect all flowers and happiness but I was looking forward to seeing more SSK smiling and acting silly, guess not..

    The Grand Prince’s turn to the dark side was a bit ???? I could predict it but in many parts it was unbelievable and too sharp of a turn since he’s not shown to be that kinda guy from start to the end of last episode..

    I’m very close to dropping this one, the next episode better deliver something better…

    1. I already dropped it I read way too many dramas where that happened. Do you wanna bet the ML will die at the end because it will? What’s the point of wasting my time when I already know that’s what’s going to happen.

  2. what an episode 👏👏👏👏 now that drama has become interesting and i hope it continue to do so…..

    so the fathers r gone, and the children would take revenge….

    well for that matter, i understand the girl’s thirst for revenge, her father took all the blame for what the former king did and went to Qing and no one knows if he’s alive or not (which i hope he’s alive)

    and she was punished despite not doing anything at all….

    her friend died after being tortured….though it seemed that someone was there when they all left her body and m hoping that King saved her somehow, although I know she had already died at night….

    but what’s his motive??? his father was a MF who tried to trap the Grand Prince and label him a traitor…if he thinks his father’s death was so unfair, what about what he and his father did to Grand Prince???

  3. he’s dead??? seriously??? m happy and surprised and can’t believe that he’s dead already….i was all ready and expecting to see him till last episode, plotting and scheming against the new king, but to my surprise, the story took a turn and he’s gone….👏👏

  4. m liking the King, he molded the situation into his favour and m not complaining….he had to survive too and it was the only way… her father said, his life is pitiful. what he did, he had to do that and of course he had to have enemies while doing so….

    but m glad his character wasn’t all white and gud and nice and kind, his survival instincts paved the way for him…..

  5. and how can I not mention one of my mosssssttttt favourite actors, Choi Dae Hoon, mannnn what an actor he is!!! not that big of a role, not much screen time, but for the time he was on screen, he did his magic 👏👏👏❤️❤️❤️

  6. Its daebak episode so far!!!

    JJS and SSK only deliver their BEST in acting. I got teary eyed on the death scene of the King and his last words to GP.

    Excited for its next episode!!!🥰

  7. The Minister of War got what he deserved, treacherous man!
    The ML got into a trap set by her MH and the evil hound Yoo Hyun-bo, but she will take revenge on the king…..

  8. ⚠ Spoilers Ahead!

    Weird, Hee-Soo returned 3 years later as Mong-Woo, the same identity given to him by Lee In, now King. Her plan was to exact revenge. Hello! Then go incognito, you dumbf..8k. Return as a woman, be his concubine or court lady and then poison him. This is certainly the Mother of All Dumbf..8ks or should I say “bollocks”.

  9. I don’t know how she can take revenge exactly? Only by killing the king? King is also tarnished , and there is many bad people around him. Best choice for her is to leave and forget. Revenge is not worth it. So she will fell in love with this tarnished king? Now they will have to clean and polish his image? How her servants found her? I guess they were walking behind the group of soldiers and “criminals”.