Captivating the King (2024) Episode 7

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23 Comments to “Captivating the King (2024) Episode 7

  1. OK, now the story is getting more interesting!

    FYI: from MDL, there will be 4 episodes this weekend (Feb 9-11), one each Fri-Sat, and 2 on Sunday. Yay!!!

  2. this is what I was afraid of and this is exactly what I didn’t want!!!

    I did say this last week that she better not be taking revenge for her father going to Qing as a prisoner, cz that’s not Yi in’s fault, and she’s doing that 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️, losing all contact with her father is also included in her revenge…, y???

    and Yi in ascended to the throne after killing Myung ha’s father seriously??? I hope she hasn’t forgotten what him and his father were about to do with her and the current King, and I know she’s saying this and she has to say this to rile him up, I just hope she doesn’t really feel that his father didn’t deserve to die, cz already her taking revenge for her father is so stupid, and on top of that, her believing that Myung ha’s father should’ve been left alive would prove her a “Resident Idiot”…..

    P.S. I wonder if the King ever tried to get any news about her father!!! if he even knows that he’s alive or dead???

  3. what did I say, he’d now fall for Mong woo….🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. the genius me!!! 👏 👏😂😂

    I actually thought, in fact I was 80% sure that the King knows that he’s a she, when he held him/her in the “challenge field”…..

    but it seems he couldn’t figure out….but I still think he knows that Mong woo is a girl, I think he figured out when he held her there, and probably would protect her gender identity….although m 90% sure that the writer would go the typical way like I said last week and he hasn’t figured out yet and would know at some other point…..

  4. I was watching this and I was like, “how can a grand parent be this cruel???” there’s a saying in us, I’d write it in our language “Asal se sood pyara hota hai”…it means you love your grandchildren more than your own child…how could she so non chalantly ask about y her grand son is still alive??? that poor boy doesn’t even know what’s going on in the Royal court, is unaware of any politics, how can they just kill him???

    I really wanna know y she hated and still hates her elder son???

  5. i would enjoy this a lot more if we weren’t expected to participate in her great delusion that whatever he did to her three years ago is worthy of her grand voyage of revenge.
    he said he likes her, so instead of watching him discover her identity we’re now gonna go on an unnecessary why are you ghey arc, sigh.

  6. I want him to be mad as hell when he find out he LL a woman! – What if the king is Gay? What if he do like men all along and he finds out shes a woman that would be different!! The real reason why he has never been with the queen~
    I wish when they make these they would have these girls really commit to looking like a male She looks and acts like a woman!

  7. Hell no. I called this before anyone when I said he was wondering about if he was switching sides in ep2 but a full frontal confession with her still having a dude status is the last thing I’d ever thought could happen. We may as well throw out w/e we’ve seen in other Kdrama historicals before this because they are completely in their own world script wise. But not in a bad way. Been awhile since I’ve been surprised like this~

    My only thing now is the love stricken 6th Secretary constantly putting her in harms way. They barely escape with a flimsy excuse (still surprised he bought that or w/e 😯), yet this dumbazz rushes in to meet her in alone in 2 consecutive scenes afterwards. No ty, a harder push is needed from her to have him quit his shite~

    And I still believe her every action bellows to the heavens “I am woman, hear me roar!” 🥰

  8. I’m enjoying this drama. I think the King’s performance is magnificent.

    I didn’t expect that confession! OMG!

  9. There’s no effin’ way noone has figured out that Mong Woo’s actually a woman… He has no facial hair, Adam’s apple & those delicate features(?) His build appear smaller than a man too…

    I wished someone pushed that pesky Hyun Bo for the sword duel arghh.

  10. I am getting more obsessed with the king,he is so sexy,the way he looks at Kang moo woo and their chemistry is top notch,his Majesty is such a great actor and I have been his fan for so long,he never yells and still knows how to portray all his emotions in one piece!! I love this series so much!!! Gummy is so lucky to be married to my crush

  11. Was that a romantic confession or are they misleading us again? Even with the preview as rumors are being spread, And in next episode they shall change how it is said…
    It is true the king likes ming woo and even a little obssessed with him, his person, his and only his….even a great deal of these feelings isn’t processed yet and may turn into something stronger
    But is it love one carries for another?or are they playing with our hearts

  12. why do the leads have stylishly trimmed goatees when the rest of the ministers have facial hair that looks like it grows in areas that never see the light of sun, well unless if you were in south of france, on a nice beach in nice.

    the whole story hinges on her clark kenting everyone….now the king is about to become a fudge packer.

  13. I believe the king knew MW is a she all along but kept it to himself. Too much of Mung-ha. His father did not died an unfair or unjust death like he sees it.

  14. The king confession at the end of the Ep left me speechless ⁄⁠(⁠⁄⁠ ⁠⁄⁠•⁠⁄⁠-⁠⁄⁠•⁠⁄⁠ ⁠⁄⁠)⁠⁄

  15. I can’t be the only one who is pained everytime Myung Ha meets her.
    Continuously grabbing and touching her in the palace in broad daylight. I can smell his incoming careless actions due to jealously. It’s gonna be so painful.