Everything Will Come True (2024)

Everything Will Come True (2024)

Other name: 다 이루어질지니 / Da Irueojiljini / Everything Will Come True / All Your Wishes Come True / It Will Come True / Дорама Все сбудется

Synopsis: “Genie” is a 12-episode drama about a spirit who emerges from a lamp. The Genie is prone to emotional fluctuations and Ga Young, a person lacking emotion, accidentally summons him and is granted three wishes. The drama follows their interactions as Ga Young struggles to use her wishes wisely while the Genie grapples with his own emotional turmoil. Directed by Lee Byeong Heon.



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23 Comments to “Everything Will Come True (2024)

  1. Kim Woo Bin why do they even cast this person in any series. I don’t even feel like watching any series with his presence. Hope Suzy over shadows him and make the series watchable.

  2. Yeah i saw him first in Uncontrollable Fond. Then Inheritors, but his bad boy SML character in Inheritors left a bad impression on me, and ever since then it hasn’t changed. Maybe this will be it.


  4. I mean LTNS did feature a lesbian couple, but it wasn’t aired in a public channel.
    It already happened lmao no need for hell to freeze over😅, just needs to be streamer-exclusive drama for it to happen 😂

    Also there was a lesbian couple in that SF8 scifi short kserial….Kmovies have featured gay and lesbian couples for over a decade at least….Kim Nam Gil, Kim Jae Wook have done a gay role in a movie like over 10 years ago, Kim Taeri a lesb role more recently in a kmovie.

    Korea is improving, or at least allowing LGBT+ now in non tv-channel dramas and not just in movies anymore.

    Edit: Isn’t this a Netflix drama?? …in that case never say never. 😅
    (….i think it won’t happen though, but for different reason, they prob don’t want to let down the people watching this as a Kim Woobin-Suzy reunion)

  5. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat “Uncontrollably Fond” couple is reunited? Ohhhh I cannot wait for this! They were great 7 years ago! Really looking forward to this one!