My Name Is Loh Kiwan (2024)

My Name Is Loh Kiwan (2024)

Other name: 로기완 / 盧基菀 / Ro Gi Wan / Loh Ki Wan / Je m’appelle Loh Kiwan / Меня зовут Ло Гихван / اسمي لو كيوان

Synopsis: Loh Ki Wan, a North Korean defector, has made the journey to Belgium from his home country because of his mother, Ok Hee. As he adjusts to life in an unfamiliar place, his biggest hope is to receive refugee status from the Belgian government in order to stay. He fights tirelessly to achieve this goal.

Along the way, Loh Ki Wan meets Marie, a former Korean who now holds Belgian citizenship. In her past, she was a skilled shooter. While Loh Ki Wan is seeking a fresh start in Belgium, Marie struggles to find purpose in her life. Despite an unpleasant initial encounter, the two unexpectedly fall in love.

Based on the novel “Ro Ki Waneul Mannatda” by Jo Hae Jin, this drama follows Loh Ki Wan and Marie as they navigate their own personal struggles while also facing the challenges of being in a new relationship. The duration of this emotional and gripping story is 2 hours and 11 minutes.



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22 Comments to “My Name Is Loh Kiwan (2024)

  1. Riveting movie – SJK is simply a great actor. His role as Loh Kiwon is the opposite of the suave Vincenzo but equally good, nah, superlative! Totally gratifying watch. I recommend 100%. SJK never disappoints.

  2. SJK said in Hopeless movie promotions, they completed filming this film.. maybe it is under post production work..

  3. People think that, but in my experience it’s not though. I lived in Asia for almost 15 years (3 countries) and knew several people where the wife or husband was quite a bit older. Nobody cared or treated them any differently, as long as their relationship was a good one.

    Families also rarely cared, especially if the man was the older one, as he was often more established in his career than the woman so, in their minds, would “take care of her” better. (NOT that the wife usually needed taking care of 🙂 )

    I think on MDL it’s usually very young people who complain about “the age gap” because they have little or no experience with relationships themselves. Shows a lack of maturity, IMO, and is highly annoying when it appears on any drama where the couple has a more than 2 year age difference. Especially when it has no baring on the story at all.

  4. He has no problem with International audiences some netizens are being hateful and this seems to be a netflix original content so it will hit the platform worldwide not only in Korea and so far he is starting to be known as an international figure…..

  5. SJK confirmed his next project!!
    lately, I saw on him false, hateful, and lies rumors, but they no succeeded, he will continue to get
    good projects.
    SJK haters sorry not this time, you will not see his downfall!!

    it will be on Netflix so excited!!

  6. looks like there’ll be some changes compared the novel; choi sung eun will play a korean-american that lives in belgium and falls in love with loh ki wan! 👀 not sure if they are combining it with the character of the writer in the novel, but acc. to the description it seems like a completely new character.

  7. To be honest it may just be a thing for people who grow up in Western culture as their main culture. I’m Nigerian never visited Asia but this is normal. A lot of people actually like this as long as the man is older. In my country it’s only a problem when the woman is older but if it’s not by a lot people truly don’t care. They care more if you aren’t having kids then about age lol

  8. Was just watching the Teaser and i am not joking.. i felt the pain through the monitor.
    This drama will be insane, i guess.

  9. Song joong ki tunation have to be one of the best in Korean entertainment industry, Man actually mastered all the techniques of tune switching and sound align with the needed emotion 🔥🔥🔥

    The trailer is so cool and can’t wait already 🔥🔥