Tale of the Nine-Tailed 1938 (2023)

Tale of the Nine-Tailed 1938 (2023)

The story follows Lee Yeon who finds himself involved in an unexpected case that takes him back in time to 1938. There, he reunites with Ryu Hong Joo, a former mountain guardian who is now the owner of a high-end restaurant in the capital city. Lee Yeon also encounters his younger brother Lee Rang and Cheon Moo Young, who was once a friend but has become hostile towards him due to a case. Ryu Hong Joo is thrilled to see Lee Yeon again, having been fascinated by him in the past but unable to be with him. Meanwhile, Lee Yeon struggles to return to the present day, where his beloved resides.

Also known as: 구미호뎐 1938 구미호뎐 시즌2 구미호뎐 2 Gumihodyeon Sijeun 2 Gumihodyeon 1938 /Gumihodyeon 2 / Tale of the Nine-Tailed 2 / Tale of the Nine-Tailed S2 / Tale of the Nine-Tailed Season 2



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50 Comments to “Tale of the Nine-Tailed 1938 (2023)

  1. S2 was so much more chaotic and comedy based loved it so much more! i highly reccomend it theres nthn to not like abt it and everything makes sense to the plot and overall the comedy timing it perfect, i love each of the charachters and yes i reccomend to watch S1 before watching S2 so you can understand the context it doesnt make much sense if you havent, S1 is more sad but there still more comdeic effect, overall a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED WATCH!

  2. This drama keeps getting better.

    *Spoiler alert*

    This drama was my very first rewatch of any drama. I saw it two years ago and felt needed to rewatch it to then watch the second season. I must be honest and say that I didn’t love it as much as I did the first time around. But this is still a high quality drama. The first season had a very serious demeanor and focused almost exclusively on Lee Yeon’s relationship with Nam Ji-ah while they tried to be together against all odds. However, it was hard for me to enjoy Lee Yeon as a character as I find him selfish. I kept noticing just how differently he treated Nam Ji-ah versus Lee Rang. He encouraged her to feel her feelings and share her burdens but every single time Lee Rang tried to tell him that he was hurt he was told to grow up. I hate how he always tried to make him feel worthless and blamed his rebellion on being weak when it was quite obvious all he wanted was to be loved by him. Lee Yeon’s character is the living breathing epitome of the mindset “I gave you food and shelter so that means I took good care of you”. Telling someone to get over something that proved significant to them, kills. And in my opinion it ended up killing Lee Rang. I know he willingly sacrificed his life for Yeon, but he did it BECAUSE he thought that THAT would be the most meaningful thing he could have done with his life. No one made him believe his life was worth living. Even though he finally had someone to live for, who loved him the right way, the deep rooted insecurity and pain caused by Yeon (and his mother) that made him feel undeserving of love and good things was too great and in his final attempt to make his life mean something he chose to give up his life to save him.

    I would rate the first season 7/10.

    Season two honestly feels like a whole different drama. It was no longer so serious and romance wasn’t the main theme. We got a lot of action and comedy like moments and although we got a lot of new characters they all had chemistry and blended beautifully together. In season two Lee Yeons attitude has changed and he’s grateful to see Lee Rang alive and well in 1938 and decides to use the opportunity to install confidence in him knowing he eventually has to leave him again for good. We hear Lee Rang say that he hates humans the most, especially those who can’t stand up for themselves. He thinks this way because of his mother because she abandoned him but also because of Lee Yeon as he always made him feel like he wasn’t good enough for him since he was neither a human nor a fox. He hates weak people because he was taught that being emotional meant being weak. As we got to know Cheon Moo-Yeong I realized that he shares a lot of traits with Lee Rang and I think they could have been great friends but sadly they didn’t have any scenes together. In episode 11 Lee Yeon talks to the grandmother about why Cheon Moo-Yeong is trying to resurrect his brother where Lee Yeon says “You seem to forget at times. We feel pain when we get hurt. We feel hurt when a parental figure like you abandons us”. hearing him say that infuriated me because this was exactly what Lee Rang argued all throughout the first season. Lee Yeon tells him he never abandoned him, but I must argue that abandonment is a feeling, it can also be an action but is more often a feeling due to (most often but not limited to) emotional neglect. Because if you truly love someone shouldn’t you try and communicate that in away they would understand? However, Lee Yeon was able to fix their relationship and he arranged for 1938’s Lee Yeon to look after him after he goes back. It was really refreshing to see Lee Yeon reparenting him with love and not tough love which was what Lee Rang had craved all this time. It was a really heartfelt moment to see Lee Rang finally believing in himself as Lee Yeon helped him live out his full potential as a fox. I was afraid it would be a bittersweet ending since Lee Rang still is dead in the present/future but he finally got his happy ending in 1938. And I must say I was pleasantly surprised with the happy ending for all of the characters. The second season was definitely needed to give the characters proper closure.

    I would rate the second season 10/10

    Final rating: 9/10.

  3. Do I need to watch the 1st season to understand the 2nd? because I just feel like watching the 2nd season since ppl say its good

    1. S1 is still good you wont understand S2 or the a few of the comedic effects or even the relationships between the charachters if you havent watched S1

  4. Man the 3 guys following Rang are by far some of the funniest scenes through the entire series lol they are some amazing actors an have brought me much enjoyment watching em in this

  5. So.. where is the chapter? hahaha
    Do you guys know the time dramacool usually drop the episodes? I’m losing my mind here, the cliffhanger in ep10 was too much

  6. The village beauty haime’s wink at Ranga…..????his reaction and Yeon teasing????? can’t wait another week yaar

    1. O my gosh! I am so exited bruh! The previous season was my the most favourite one but I think it this will be the mostest fav one. I am exciteeeeeddddd…?

  7. I am actually new to this website…hence I have this query. The episodes of the new season will get uploaded as and when the episodes get telecast or all together at once, after the season ends.

    1. It depends some series may release all episodes at once and some series release episodes weekly mostly twice a week