The Double (2024) Episode 21

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16 Comments to “The Double (2024) Episode 21

  1. Damn this princess! Guess she’s evil than most emperors we have come across (and she’s nailing it) I wonder who’ll deal with her?? Like A’Li dealt with that corrupt/cruel magistrate.. ???!!!

    Oh ex-husband does know how to give cold shoulder to the princess 😏 Sth is brewing up!!

    I’m missing Duke Su πŸ˜„ 😁

  2. Geez, enough with the tears, even my sockets are drying out! Finally Ye Shijie is back on screen. For a main role, he barely got any scenes. Welp, she did exactly what they wanted her to do. In situations like this, to go toe to toe with truly vile people, ya gotta play on their level. When protagonists are too soft, you get a lot of good people suffering and antagonists reigning hell up until the last ep. It’s plots like this, I’d prefer a lead that is morally gray.

  3. why this Evil Princess so powerful??? she is not even afraid of the Emperor? she is the highest evil of all!!! A NARCISSISTIC SOCIOPATH AND PSYCHOPATH ALL RULE IN ONE!!! when her end comes i’ll will rejoice to the max!!! OH MY G!!!! I REALLY HATE THIS WICKED NARCISSIST SOCIOPATH&PSYCHOPATH princess!!!! and the waiting begins AGAIN!!!

  4. “To defeat her, first let her run rampant.” Omg, does princess Wanning know the truth?
    I realize I’ve been neglecting the political hotpot that has been cooking up a storm in the background, and this episode served me a huge appetizer. And it all trails back to that bitch princess Wanning – I always knew she was not someone to be taken lightly and was involved in a bigger endgame. So much is going on here, lemme try to compose my thoughts:

    From the earlies, it kept bugging me as to how she got out of her situation as a hostage in enemy territory… and perhaps she made some kind of deal with King Chen, or, is intimately involved with him and undermining the country on his behalf. And Xue pretty much figured it out during the goldmine investigation when she put all the bits and pieces together before Xiao Heng some episodes ago! And we know Xiao Heng is secretly working under the emperor’s instructions to uncover King Chen’s private schemes apart from secretly stealing gold, and for Xiao Heng personally, how it ties to the demise of the former General, his father. All the Li`s are the princess’ puppet army doing her biddings, and surely the bedchamber puppet YuRong is tangled in as well.

    First the salt, and now with the goldmine exposed, the Li`s definitely wants to shut Jiang Li down from keeping Elder Xue alive since he initially unraveled the goldmine scheme. They probably don’t even care that he’s not in his right mind (if they even know), they just want him dead and tried to have him executed for fake corruption. His son also knew and was killed because of it😞 but luckily he hid the map as extra proof with Qiongzhi. Now the ball is in Jiang Li’s hands to defend what’s left of her Xue family name. But Li is so cruel that he is deliberately starving all the people along her route back to the capital just to incite hardships for her and all the witnesses… even going as low as to throw it in Elder Jiang’s face. And we know how that half-stupid self-preserving mind of his works, right? I won’t be surprised if he does something really dumb now πŸ™„

    Meanwhile, the more princess Wanning hears of Jiang Li resilience, the more she is setting her up for a major fall. Now I understand why Xiao Heng looked so angry that Xue figured it all out – he is concerned for her life if others know HOW MUCH she knows. But she is still willing to give her life to him and be his pawn if that’s what it takes to expose them ALL. And we know he will be right there beside her till the end πŸͺ­πŸ’–. Princess Wanning has no idea that ‘Jiang Li’ is also not to be messed with either! Omg y’all, I’m scared but excited for what’s to come!

  5. Chancellor Li think he is so smart by spreading those rumor about Jiang Li but it’s going to backfire bigtime. If she solves the famine and gets the credit it will give her the patron saint status among the people and make her all but untouchable. Chancellor Li is playing with fire here.

    As for elder princess Wanning, why is she doing what she is doing? It seems she is doing everything she can to ruin and weaken her own country. Does she have Stockholm Syndrome when she was a hostage and is secretly working for the rival king?

  6. heh I’m not really here for her being a paragon of virtue or compassion whatever i’d rather she move like Duke su and get about her business, but she’s the mc I suppose we can’t help it

    is this emperor so astoundingly weak? I know he’s young and mayb new but this too much ur ministers are wilding while ur people are dying dude, lets not even touch on all that open treason…I wish the jol emperor was here

  7. The one most slap-worthy is that evil princess.😑 Every time she bullies Jiang Li’s husband and he weakly allows her to do so….my hand itchesπŸ˜… Second, is the evil step mom and that so easy to trick & manipulate Jiang dad.

  8. It was fun watching li getting beaten before the princess. The evil lady wants to drag Jiang li down but she will solve the issue and come back … can’t wait to see the villains reactions

  9. The son wearing protective cover for his caning, is a real joke. Father Li getting burnt with hot water, is the real punishment.

  10. I believe I understand what the deal is now. Princess Wanning has probably made a deal with the country where she was held hostage to embezzle money and take down her weak emperor brother’s country from the inside. That was probably her ticket for release. She is using the Li family to do her bidding and used Xue’s husband to kill her, her brother and her father who was the good magistrate of the area where the mine is located. The weak emperor is using Duke Su to uncover everything that is going on and Xue just happened to be the daughter of the magistrate. Now, I just watch the plot unfold. Also, I really want something horrible to happen to the father and step-mom of Jiang Li. They make me sick!

  11. Li Xue also LJ..should first go n bring down e princess who gv All instructions n Accumulate wealths behind her Bro- The Emperor.
    Also shkd hv a very strong Armies behind him- Shld he 1 day kill off His Sister provided His Evil sister didn’t set 1 herself….cos His Sister is trying to hv The throne by herself.

  12. Lmao I know this is a serious issue lol, I paused it to go do something and I am cracking up at the image below