The Good Bad Mother (2023)

The Good Bad Mother (2023)

Young Soon raised her son Kang Ho all by herself as a single mother and pig farmer. Even though Young Soon loved her son a lot, her strict parenting made Kang Ho think of her as a bad mother. When Kang Ho grew up, he became a cold-hearted prosecutor and didn’t stay close to his mom. But one day, an unexpected accident brought Kang Ho back to his hometown where he started over with his mother. After the accident, Kang Ho also reconnected with his childhood friend Mi Joo who had a kind heart and cared about justice. This experience was transformative for both Kang Ho and Mi Joo.

Also known as: 나쁜 엄마 나쁜엄마 壞媽媽 Nappeun Eomma / Bad Mom / Bad Mother



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41 Comments to “The Good Bad Mother (2023)

  1. I really struggled to finish this one.

    *Spoiler alert*
    I wasn’t going to watch this one because I was afraid of the emotional toll it was going to have on me. But I got convinced as I saw Lee Do-Hyun was staring in it as I had really loved The Glory. However I must say I’m really disappointed. I was bored for the majority of the episodes. I like slice-of-life but this was just straight up boring. I enjoyed the two first episodes and episodes 11-14 but I really struggled to finish the rest in between and most of the time it couldn’t hold my attention. After the two first episodes I was really excited for what I saw but then the plot changed and I fell out of love. I had thought that Choi Kang-Ho’s childhood only would take up the first two episodes and then it would focus on his life in Seoul and we would see how his childhood scars affected who he had become and how he engaged with the world. I would have loved for the whole storyline to be about Choi Kang-Ho’s business with Choi Moo-Song and Oh Tae-Soo and using his position of power to become the opposite of what his mother wanted to take revenge on her. But instead we all know what happened. Choi Kang-Ho got into an accident and forcefully had relive his abusive childhood. I must admit how much I despise Jin Young-Soon, but my goodness is Ra Mi-Ran an incredible actress. I was going to touch on a lot of the things she did, that she disguised as love. But in episode 11 she admitted to most of it, basically taking the words out of my mouth, although it was too late to change what had happened. However, the one thing that I really found gut wrenching was that Jin Young-Soon never heard her son. She saw him but never listened to anything he said. After the accident she knew but couldn’t comprehend that Choi Kang-Ho had the mentality of a seven year old and still forced him into adult matters. Manipulating him into getting engaged. Emotionally manipulating him into taking over the family business. Making him her guardian. I understand she was sick, but you should never have your child be your caregiver. Rushing him through recovery, shaming him for not making progress, disguising it as not having enough willpower. Blantantly disregarding his interests, his feelings, his wellbeing. Have him practice her funeral. That really got to me. He must have felt like he lost her many more times than that once, since she was never emotionally available. l am happy for Choi Kang-Ho that she apologized to him before she died but there is no doubt that she abused him. Choi Kang-Ho said he never despised her which I think is unrealistic, and I wish they would have taken this opportunity to explore what suffering an abusive childhood does to a person.

    I think ultimately what made me lose interest was that there were too many characters and I didn’t care for any of the villagers and found them too goofy and annoying. And can someone please tell me what the point of Andrea’s character was.. my god.

    This drama tied up all loose ends and we got closure for all characters. Despite the fact that Jin Young-Soon died, I would say that this drama had a happy ending.

    Rating: 5/10

    1. please y’all should learn how to start keeping your opinion to yourself someone will want to watch a movie but because of your comment they won’t anymore stop killing people’s vibe of watching a movie just because you didn’t enjoy it, is annoying and not nice learn to keep it to yourself you don’t expect the drama to give you everything you want all the time thank you

  2. Now that the drama has ended, it’s still one of my favorite 2023 dramas so far. I really enjoyed how the writer, director & editors presented the story and the performance of most of the actors were great. Several popular dramas have questionable writing, plot holes, & characters that can be frustrating, but I didn’t feel that way with this drama. I think it is well written in keeping consistency throughout the drama & providing believable explanations for many things.

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  4. In love with this drama ?
    Hope his mother knows she is having beautiful grandchildren before she die

  5. The end of Ep 1 almost made me want to quit this show. But then I thought MAYBE the ending is a twist to the full plot of the show.

  6. He is a great artist in this generation… I really like his acting skill…all of his drama are so meaningful…

  7. I think this is one of the better dramas to come out this year that I’ve seen. Better than some other dramas that got high ratings but were just mediocre to me. This drama is worthy of a Fri./Sat. or weekend time slot. But airing on Wed./Thu. probably won’t see ratings as high as it deserves.

    1. The episode just finished airing less than an hour ago. It’s amazing they already have it uploaded here less than an hour after it finished airing. Stop whining & be grateful you even get to watch it here for free. Or, pay for Netflix if you’re too impatient.

      1. Bro even that damn netflix aimt releasing shit i checked dramacool if it had the new episode netflix is slower

      2. Entièrement d’accord .J ai Netflix et je remercie Dramacool de nous permettre de voir des Dramas qui ne sont pas diffusés sur la plateforme ?????

  8. So 3 eps are out..can somebody who have watched these 3 eps,tell me if the drama is worth binge watching?