The Heavenly Idol (2023)

The Heavenly Idol (2023)

Kim Min-Kyu, also known as Pontifex Lembrary, is said to have the strongest divine power. He ends up in a new world after fighting a devil and takes over the body of Woo Yeon-Woo, a member of an unsuccessful idol group called Wild Animal. The group is close to breaking up after being together for 3 years. When they perform live on a TV show, Kim, in Woo’s body, messes up the performance by saying he doesn’t know how to dance. But the performance goes viral and the group becomes famous because of Kim’s confident personality. Kim now has to adapt to life as an idol and face challenges dealing with strange religious groups and fighting the devil.

Also Known As: Pontifex Rembrary , Pontifex Maximus Rembrary , Seongseureoun Aidol , Daesingwan Rembeureori , 대신관 렘브러리 , The High Priest Rembrary , Holy Idol

Release Date: February 15, 2023



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30 Comments to “The Heavenly Idol (2023)

  1. Great,,hoping to have a season 2, other comments says that the romance parts os not good,for me,,its fine,,i enjoyed watching till the last parts,and reapeted again the last episodes as i cant get over with their reunites

  2. for the ppl who wanna see more of grim reaper,he’s a god of destiny in the mini drama series “scripting my destiny”

  3. why is every1 saying they only like the romance parts?… am I the only one who hates the romance parts?also the grim reaper is so fine.

  4. Man I’m reading the manhwa of this drama, I didn’t knew that the drama was out
    P.S it’s so good!!

  5. OMG where do I start? First of all the second male lead in business proposal is the protagonist here? Wow! Second all the drama is so good I can’t wait for the EP 5. However the effects are not that enticing. All the same I still love it and it’s so good I was literally screaming at the end of EP 4

  6. btw guys if the sub isnt popping up u guys can watch it in Hitv its faster and it doesnt take u to different tabs once u click on buttons here lol