The Impossible Heir (2024)

The Impossible Heir (2024)

Other name: 로얄로더 / Royallodeo / Royal Loader / Royal Roader / Королевский путь

Synopsis: A man from a humble background, Kang In Ha, learns that his father is the chairman of a powerful corporation. He teams up with his childhood friend, Han Tae Oh, to take over the company and rise to the top of society. As they achieve success, a woman with a troubled past threatens to ruin their plans.



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101 Comments to “The Impossible Heir (2024)

    1. LOL…and, they don’t work.

      I’m only still watching because of Lee Jae-wook. This show could be wrapped up in 8 or 10 episodes. Wish Disney+ had used some of the budget from this show to make more episodes or confirm a S2 for “A Shop for Killers.”

  1. bonjour esque des personnes savent ou trouve des sous titre car je crois que subcene a ferme svp merci

  2. They shouldn’t have put such a new actress as the lead, she may be pretty and all but she has zero expressions and her acting is so bland
    ¿What the agency have done to get her the role?

  3. I’ve not watched this first episodes but I’m wondering like who is the main character? Is Kang In Ha or Han Tae Oh? The title says the impossible heir which from my top of the head is Kang In Ha but following on how they are lined up here it seems like Han Tae Oh is the Main character. So which one is it?

    1. OMG FACTTSSSS!!!! It would literally be 10X better immediately because they actually have great chemistry and both guys really good at acting. The girl is so blehhh

  4. This girl is obviously doing this on purpose. The MLs have not seen this girl before, know nothing about her,then boom,romance broom. And this particular romance will threaten the plan they hatch for a long time. There’s nothing more absurd than this.

    And Han Tae Oh,i thought he wasn’t interested,now look how desperate he is when his friend makes the move first, what a hypocrite 😅😅😅. This drama, let’s see how things unfold, don’t disappoint hehe

  5. I had the same thought about the fireworks scene. There’s gotta be more than just the shock of seeing rich ppl spending excessive amounts of money. There are little crumbs of info like “it’s my mother’s hometown” and also the fact his mother married a gangster after she had him… Idk. It could be all coincidence but I wouldn’t count on it.

  6. I usually enjoy the first two episodes of kdramas but these ones were painful to watch. The production is pretty decent unfortunately the writing is questionable. The romance comes out of nowhere (specially Kang In-Ha’s feelings) which makes it difficult to care about this “love triangle”.Besides, they went with the cliché Chaebol plot with the evil step mother, the jealous brother and the tough undecided father/chairman. I like this kind of plot but this one was poorly executed.

  7. first reasonable comment I read today. Yes, I agree. Na Hyewon is an interesting character, I hope she shows more colors along the way.

  8. I take it as he was shock to see how those people live luxurious life and wasted money with firecrackers just like that without having to worry about money. He wanted that kind of life and he saw the opportunity when In Ha seemed to be wanting to be on the top as well. Tae Oh couldn’t get into that life with his background, but he can use In Ha as a bridge to bring him to the high society.

    It’s actually clearly spelled out in the synopsis that this drama is going for this route.

  9. ooooh my bad, i always go into dramas blind cause i don’t wanna get ahead of myself and make theories only to be disappointed from my own expectations lol 🤣 but yeah, that makes a lot of sense

  10. Another kdrama with woman problem this is becoming more annoying I was really invested because of Lee Jae Wook but the synopsis ruined everything I already dropped queen of divorce because of how annoying the female lead was I was waiting for this thinking it’s about the two male lead this better turn out Good kdramas this period have been lacking so much

  11. A synopsis that doesn’t focus on the so-called MC. Now I remember what drama it reminded me of. It’s Mouse. The beginning synopsis seems to point to Lee Heejoon as the main lead, which made me questioned why is Lee Seunggi the main lead. It turned out Lee Seunggi is the real lead. I’ll see how this one turn out.

  12. I’m not sure this is my kind of plot but the cast is killer so I’m trying it anyway!! Also I know there’s no romance tag but I’m having OT3 feels (Korea’s never gonna give me poly but by god a girl can dream).

    (I love the comment below that’s like “no romance!!” and I’m like “they should be a thruple!!” lololol)

  13. FRRRR I can’t anymore everytime I come here they are asking who’s ML .like the 3 of them are leads this is not a love triangle SO EASY AND SIMPLE

  14. have people never watched dramas where there are more than just one main lead? why is it so hard for people to comprehend

  15. IMDB, a site used and updated by industry professionals says one per week; Namu Wiki, a user generated wiki says two episodes per week but has no link to a source. That’s as much info as we have.

  16. This cost 20 billion won ($15 million) for 12 episodes (likely 44 minutes long, like other Disney+ shows) which puts it in the Top 45 Most Expensive KDrama Productions ever. To put that into perspective even amongst equally expensive 20 billion won dramas, look at the difference in number of episodes and minutes of airtime: Vincenzo (20 episodes; 70 minutes long) and Extraordinary Attorney Woo (16 episodes; 70 minutes long).

    I bet they are only doing one episode per week to recoup their money by getting people to subscribe to their service for several months.

  17. One episode per week – this format is never good for us!
    Have to try and binge watch it, although not sure if I will have that willpower.

    Learnt my lesson via A Good Day to be a Dog #notrepeatingagain

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  19. there is still a protagonist (LJW) and deutagonist (LJY).
    That’s what people usually mean not from the romance aspect.
    any show with multipe main characters has a MAIN protagonist.

  20. No I know that but from the description it doesn’t seem like they’re equally important, that’s why I was confused.

  21. Oddly enough, tonight (Feb 13) I found the first episode on Hulu (USA). And I’m not kidding.

    Taeoh, Inha, and Hyewon run towards the same desire. They are drawn to one another by fate.

  22. my favorite 2 actors are acting in this drama so yessssss I will definitely watch it 🥳😌

    I am really excited🤩💘

  23. The concept of ML and SML has nothing to do with romance genre. It is not exclusively use for romance dramas only atleast in kdrama world and it does matter to know who’s the main lead because by that people can think about various possibilities of for example how this drama will end, or if it’s a thriller and there’s a hint that one of guy will die then 99% chance is sml would be that personperson, etc. I can list more but i hope this will be enough for you to understand why people (especially who like thriller dramas like me) keep asking who’s ml and sml.

  24. As someone who likes all of the leads, I am happy with the love triangle lol. I don’t get why ppl are so pissed the drama isn’t even out yet. At least watch a couple of eps before judging.

  25. I’m so hyped for this, really hope will be a breakout role for Lee Jun Young <3
    Clarification: plot wise LJY and LJW are both MAIN LEADS. Second lead is more an attribution made when we talk about a romance to highlight the "second choice". And of course none of them is a "support actor", so "main leads" is the best attribution.
    Makes no sense to be like: who is the main? Have you never watched shows where we have 2 or 3 main leads? Even if there is a "triangle" or anything, probably subtle because of the genre, at the end PLOT WISE (since this is more a plot centered drama) they are all mains.
    Tbh I dislike triangles, and even more in dark stuff (there is no need for that), but we still don't know how much or how strong it will be.
    But plot wise they are all mains, not like in romance where the second lead most of the time is just a pushover and clearly not the main part of the plot. There can also be situations where in romance we also have plot wise second leads, as Castaway diva. Anyway this was just my point of view.

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  27. NOBODY taking hong suzu name probably because she is a rookie actress but I bet you all she will shock you with her visuals and acting that at the end of the drama you will only talk about her

  28. I don’t like when there’s only one female lead and 2 males…. How’s she gonna “threaten to ruin” their plans? Please don’t be romantically

  29. This man ain’t never wanna take care of his kids omg😭💀… Choi Jin Hoo FEED YOUR DAMN KIDS Jesus Christ🧍🏾‍♀️

  30. Iam getting a bit of golden spoon vibes from this minus the whole fantasy concept but Iam so ready for the morally grey main characters this always makes characters more in depth

  31. NOBODY taking hong suzu name probably because she is a rookie actress but I bet you all she will shock you with her visuals and acting that at the end of the drama you will only talk about her

  32. Iam getting a bit of golden spoon vibes from this minus the whole fantasy concept but Iam so ready for the morally grey main characters this always makes characters more in depth

  33. I actually never watched it since it has romance in it lol. Not really a fan of romance dramas thehe unless the plot doesn’t heavily revolve it like the Chinese drama princess agents.

  34. Well, news report for Lee Junyoung’s character has already started naming him the villain. I guess there goes our question.

  35. Well, news report for Lee Junyoung’s character has already started naming him the villain. I guess there goes our question.

  36. Curious that they have Jae Wook as the lead and his spotlight in the poster is more pronounced but the synopsis is all about Jun Young’s character who’s listed second in the cast list. Huh! 🤔

  37. This will be my first drama of Lee Jae Wook as a male lead and as for Lee Jun Young , I’ve watched every single projects of him, all dramas and movies ❤️

  38. hey are both ML… sometimes there are two lead male characters, it’s not a romance drama, so ML and FL is irrelevant anyway…

  39. I know they’re are two, but Lee jae wook is the first ML. I’m just confused why the series is named after 2nd Ml