Wonderland of Love (2023)

Wonderland of Love (2023)

Other name: 乐游原 / 樂遊原 / Le You Yuan / Wonderland to Love / Чудесная страна любви

Synopsis: Li Ni, the emperor’s grandson, guards the border and is reluctantly thrust into the role of quelling a rebellion. Despite being the emperor’s grandson, Li Ni was never loved by his father and so hides his identity as a carefree frontline border general. During battles against the rebels he meets Cui Lin, the daughter of General Cui Yi, commander of the Cui family army. Cui Lin has disguised herself as the lieutenant He and is fighting alongside the army. The two develop a fierce rivalry, predicting and outwitting each other in their attempts to win battles. Despite their competitive relationship, they eventually develop feelings for each other.



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5 Comments to “Wonderland of Love (2023)

  1. I agree we are so desperate to see whats gonne happen and there is spoilers everywhere. Trying my best to avoid them.