A Shop for Killers (2024)

A Shop for Killers (2024)

Other name: 킬러들의 쇼핑몰 / 살인자의 쇼핑몰 / Sarinjaui Syopingmol / The Killer’s Shopping Mall / The Murderer’s Shopping Mall / Дорама Торговый центр убийцы Mall

Synopsis: Jian is a college student who is suddenly contacted by the police about her uncle’s supposed suicide. Unconvinced of the circumstances, Jian is soon targeted by a group of skilled assassins. She must rely on the mysterious skills her uncle taught her in order to survive and uncover the truth about why she is being hunted. With danger lurking at every corner, Jian must fight for her life in a thrilling battle of wits and reflexes.



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33 Comments to “A Shop for Killers (2024)

  1. First time in a while a kdrama with really good first few episodes!!! Enjoyed it so much!!! Can’t wait for moreeeee ㅜㅜ

  2. Comedy drama? Which one u referring to, if u talking about this show A Shop for Killers, there’s no comedy at all

  3. I don’t think jian trust jungmin I think she’s up to something
    Jian is too smart for this just like when she was young

  4. Minhye is such a boss and I need her to live until the end cause I need her to end him, the sooner the better 😄

  5. This show is fucking insane. One of the few kdramas that got my whole attention in a recent times. Literally on the edge of my seat.

  6. You know you’re getting old when the actor who used to play child roles and usually played the younger versions of main characters gets his own child actor who plays the younger version of his current role.
    I’m fucking old, get me a grave lmfao

  7. is it worth watching? If I’m going to watch it just because “Lee Dong Wook” I love him, but at the same time , I really want to enjoy watching this show not only because of him

  8. First Disney dramas weren’t that great, but these last few – Moving, The Worst Of Evil, Vigilante, were absolutely amazing!! so high hopes for this one…

  9. This drama seem to have a lot of action scenes according to trailer, am down for it

    I haven’t seen Dongwook much in the trailer,am watching this for him, anyone who understood the synopsis explain it to me cause it seems like there will be Dongwook suicide and i wanna see him throughout the drama😌

  10. Dongwook finally acting a show appropriate for his age – an uncle. /j (please don’t come after me, I’m kidding, I’m joking, please please, I swear)