Like Flowers In Sand (2023) Episode 11

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10 Comments to “Like Flowers In Sand (2023) Episode 11

  1. ohhhh the genius me!!! 🤗🤗🤗 I told u, he is the Culprit…

    I mean there’s no way he’s just an insignificant character who’ll appear for just 3 seconds every 4 episodes, he had to be a prominent one and there we have him….

    1. Yes, I also thought it was him cause he has been in several dramas, and there was no way he would have taken such a minor role. Sometimes Korean dramas are spoiled by the cast, cause if you are familiar with some of the actors or actresses it is hard to ignore.

  2. I am going miss this show when all the friends join together and help solve the case the show in my mind has gone to next level in writing the friendship bonds are strong. Even the male detective feels the friendship and he has become tight with cop like Soulmates feeding him food at market so cute to see and even Female lead has hints of jealousy pretty funny
    I want to go to this town watch wrestling and eat outside with everyone chew on squid like Bds mom or drink with his brothers chill in cafe with ice coffee
    Nothing bad can happen to MiRan coach has to save her in time nodoby can die
    Tomorrow will be alot going down plus Bd chance to win championship

  3. This guys are just killing me, how they can leave Miran alone, when they decide to protect her? There are three other guys who can protect her , if the coach is busy. Or leave her alone , but look from distance. They didn’t hear about tracking device? They should put one on Miran.

  4. He’s not the killer but he is Hope MiRan is save. Otherwise another incident for everyone to feel guilty about.


    He’s talking about DS whereas he’s talking about MR?

  5. It’s so satisfying when your theories are proven right hahaha but tbh it’s not really much of a surprise cos the actor is a prominent supporting actor, they wouldn’t have just given him a bit role doing nothing.

  6. Surely I am going to miss this drama.
    Particularly because there was no exaggerated acting.
    The people were in their element and they played their characters very well from start to finish, very constant and comfortable acting I might add.