Like Flowers In Sand (2023) Episode 7

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13 Comments to “Like Flowers In Sand (2023) Episode 7

  1. Wow on a roll today undefeated into semi-final just by following advice attack and throw.
    Then this writer if he doesnt see her in the crowd he loses his fire to win seriously that better not happen but the narrative is leaning that direction. Entire team gets food poisoning except both leads cause he remembers she doesnt eat fish this accident feels planned? Why?

    I called cafe lady she is a bag lady for betting funds she holds cash is my guess cant trace cash

  2. Spoiler photo from closing…

    For those wondering what his texts said in the preview for the next episode… translation from Papago…

  3. I had a feeling she was the daughter but as they never mentioned the wrestler had a family or kids, I wasn’t certain. So, the question is, is she there to find the truth or does she believe Oh Yoo-kyung / Oh Doo-sik father is the killer?

  4. dun tell me he’s gonna lose just because she left the stadium, I mean that would be so wrong and would be so stupid of him….I want him to win and end this discussion now that he can’t play, isn’t in a gud condition, isn’t able to win any championship till date neither he can…..

    I seriously was screaming at him to just go in and stop looking at the crowd….😤😤😤

  5. someone did say last week that she might be the daughter of the dead athlete, and she is…Great observation 🫡🫡

    but I still want her to be the “betting Boss” or at least someone who takes care of the Betting fund, and as soon as I saw the bag in her hands, I was like, “there’s definitely money in it, there better be, y would it be heavy otherwise”….

  6. “Wanna come over and have ramyeon?”
    The amount of misunderstandings this line has caused in kdramas is too damn high 💀

  7. I wouldn’t even be mad if these 2 didn’t end up together. I just watched 2 best friends bicker with each other for half an hour and it never felt boring.

    Maybe Mi-ran is not sus. They just want us to think she is? Anyway, I like this twist of her being the wrestler’s daughter.

  8. Good episode. I guess he will lose. Without DS he is just an excuse of a wrestler. And why DS can’t just wait his match to be over? What she needed so urgently to discuss with cafe owner?? This is BS. The 20 years passed, so she can wait one more day to speak with cafe owner.

  9. That caffee owner is given too much space without any reason!!! And it was stupid for her to be the reason FL stood up ML and went back! I mean she obviously could wait for couple of hours more!!! It was nothing that urgent!!!! Soooo frustrating! They could think of something else to bring more drama not this!

  10. hmmm….I wonder if the berated husband has hand in what’s going on, if not it then it’s a shame that Ahn Chang-Hwan’s talent will be wasted on just being the patronized husband.

  11. So they are on the same team & Both trying to get to the bottom of the case involving their dads 20 years ago.
    DS leaving town must have had a huge impact on BD. Is that why he went from ssireum prodigy to… ? when DS’s dad was head coach of the Geosan Ssireum.

  12. Jang Dong Yoon is everywhere these days. He is Cupid, and in a series about mental health , but I prefer the most this cute country bumpkin with big heart, and great talent, a litle dumb, but very likeable. I find it great, that the actor made the character’s physical appearence believeable, he put on a lot of weight, and muscle. It is always funny, when models with overly slim bodies trying to play wrestlers, or professional athletes.

  13. I lost how many times Yu-Gyeong and Baek-Du slapped each other on the forehead lol. Surely Baek-Du doesn’t lose this…