Like Flowers In Sand (2023) Episode 8

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22 Comments to “Like Flowers In Sand (2023) Episode 8

  1. Kim Baek Du is too dependant on FL, dont like that he is soo weakminded in crucial moments. Apperantly his whole carrear went downhil when she left and everything in his life is still revolving arround her.
    Thst caffee owner still too much screen time for nothing. Even if she id involved with gambling and has some huge back story, it doesnt justify bunch of scenes where she literally js doing nothing and is acting like Luna Lovegood wanna be, plus those fake smiles ugh!
    Drama started strong but i dont like these few episodes at all.

  2. and as expected (though I was hoping for it to not happen), he lost, and he lost because he lost focus and he lost focus because the girl left the stadium…πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„

    till yesterday I thought he can do better, he can win, he just needs a push, a motivation for him to realise his potential, but no, he just needs a girl 😀😀. and it’s now evident that he isn’t serious about the game, dun know y they call him a PRODIGY, cz from no angle he is one….he doesn’t care if he wins or lose and all the matches that he won, he won because Du sik was in the crowd, or he thought that she is….he just wants to impress a girl, not win the match because he’s interested in the sport….

    and if during a match, Du sik goes to toilet, he’ll lose the trophy….😢😢

  3. everything aside, I just can’t digest that she is the mother of these 3 giants….πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    I mean I’m fine with Du sik being her son, but not the other two, that’s too much….

  4. please tell me that she has cash in her bag and she is involved in betting, and if not as a CAREER, than is involved to dig the information out about her dad….

  5. everything aside, I just can’t digest that she is the mother of these 3 giants…πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    I mean I can take Du sik as her son, but not the other two, that’s too much….

  6. the brothers are always interesting to watch! They’re always supportive and caring to baekdu, i love their relationship so much

  7. What a shame, he is not having any respect towards his game. What is this stupidity, just quit. Dumb plots πŸ˜’

  8. Baek Du waking up with hand print on his forehead classic. He is clumsy for sure but he doesnt have a mean bone in his body she didnt resist when he kissed her until she felt her heart flutter

  9. Dumbo BD thinks they are still kids and he has to be with her the whole day? When he will grow up? They both has jobs(she even has two jobs). And she is not his girlfriend to send her so many messages. Sometimes he need to think , other than that it was very good episode.

  10. 4 episode left, of course writer didn’t want baekdu to win the championship just yet, if he win there is less things to do in next next episode.

  11. two of the stylish-est ladies on kdrama air right now, the kind that can walk out of thrift stores looking like million dollars.
    thirty year old man waking up in front of his mother, not very natural and potentially embarrassing. then again in the thirty years the only girl he has ever been with is dusik with nothing more than a drunken kiss last night, so maybe he is built differently.

  12. How immature he is. She promised him one wish and he will ask her to let it slide(the kissing)??? This is his wish? When he can ask everything. I guess she will be disappointed with his wish. He honestly don’t see her in a romantic way, he still see her as kid friend. He really ask himself why she didn’t kill him that night? But still, if she promise him a kiss or something more he will become a champion easily. He will probably win in 100 kg category too.

  13. Dong-Yoon & Joo-Myoung have great chemistry, and I love how both of their characters are so effortlessly funny. This drama is so underrated.

  14. I know the cop is a small town guy but can he really be so stupid? It is obvious the dog keeps going back because he spotted something and the cop is curious because the dog barked, why has he not followed that feeling he has and take the dog back there and let him loose he will lead you to evidence you stupid cop.

  15. Baekdu Totally Deserved to Lose with his unprofessional attitude. So shameful. Lost focus as soon as he knew his crush was not in the audience WTH. He should apologise to the team.