Like Flowers In Sand (2023) Episode 9

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11 Comments to “Like Flowers In Sand (2023) Episode 9

  1. does she really not know what he’s trying to say but can’t say it and y he’s upset when she straight up said that they can’t date ever???? I mean, Du sik is shown to be smart girl, at least smarter than Baek du, I just can’t digest the fact that she isn’t able to understand Baek du’s gestures, or she’s being oblivious on purpose…..

  2. y do I feel that he’s the culprit??? its been bothering me for so many episodes, that he’s such a gud actor and has done some pretty great projects, but his part here is zero to none, he hardly appears once in 3 episodes for just mere seconds which is a bit unbelievable for me, cz every other male and female character has way more screen time than him….I feel like he’s the one who murdered Mi ran’s father….and in an episode it was established that he never played Sserium, so no one would suspect him as he’s not related to the sport and is hardly present in any meetings related to it…in an episode (probably last week) when the officers found Snowball (the dog), he was the one who came running to his shop and was looking quite flustered…..

    or may be he’s the one who let snowball loose so it goes to the reservoir and then he kills him so it won’t bark again and make people suspicious that something is there at the reservoir…..

  3. The dialog between leads it so different with dialect very methoughtical nobody speeds up unless angry then gets louder but still they dont rush.
    I love actress playing Bd mom she appears on screen and steals the scene she becomes the center and if you talk about her boy you better get facts straight
    Major confession on how Bd feels in his heart about Du sik its like they were born to be together when she left he lost something is right for sure.

  4. Will she return from Seoul because of BD? I doubt it. What she will do in this town? Will she kill her own career?

  5. I came here to comment on how ridiculous it was that a ssireum being out in public, in broad daylight interacting with their team’s manager is confirmation of an affair then I remembered in real life there are people who will start dating rumours because two celebrities posted photos of the sky, or wore the same brand, or visited the same places.

  6. “I lost you” what a confession. By seeing preview it’s not going well. I was so angry that he lost in ssireum wrestling after dushik left, but now understand the feeling. He is doing wrestling because of Dusik and her presence makes a difference. I know by the experience that sometime you playing the game you are good at it but not enjoying it the same time and then lost it.
    I am really suspicious towards ML father, he is somehow related to the previous case. It’s just an instinct, not sure though.

  7. Whenever the main lead say I’ll never let go of you again. Something terrible going to happen soon like feeling. 🥶

  8. Loved this episode. They way they linked scenes present & past. So powerful. All three are stuck & lost because of what happened 20 years ago. & But so glad

  9. It is a shame that this series isn’t getting the attention it deserves. The crime plot could have been more interesting and they could have shown the ssireum world in a more realistic way. Showing the athlete’s problems and and the issues with “match-arrangements”. The actors though are amazing and I have never seen such a lovable county pumpkin in k-drama. The actor just nailed it.

  10. Kim Baekdu,you’ve finally grown up🤜. He finally realized what he had lost- and it wasn’t the wrist guard.😂That indignation was such a wake up call for these folk. Brutal honesty, no secrets, less pain for all, no regrets.