Tomorrow (2022) Episode 5

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14 Comments to “Tomorrow (2022) Episode 5

  1. bro I hate Woojin’s father so much like why was he even allowed to have his custody! mf your son didn’t kill your wife- if you’re that desperate to make someone killer that’s you. You killed your wife by impregnating her mf. And you ruined your son’s life by traumatizing him. You’re a good for nothing human trash life-ruiner

  2. Bruh wtf if she pull wheel let side they’ll be safe,, why she turn right directly to truck. Bullshit drama

    1. Stop acting like an asshole its a drama for a reason. Obviously nothing is real. Are you dumb? There’s something like a storyline. She couldn’t have moved the wheel because she was panicking.. Use your brain.. Stop speaking bullshit

    2. Are u stupid if u watched the episode clearly which this shows that u technically didn’t she pulled the wheel to the left to save her husband if she slided it to the right her husband would be the one dying + of u don’t like the drama then leave it why are u watching it then, In my opinion it’s one of the best dramas tbh if u don’t think so hit ur head in the wall

  3. TBH i dont really comment much but this is one a good Kdrama with a good plot iv seen so far tho i woulve loved a lil romance with rowoon and ko reyeon but the plot just makes it better and fills the gap for romance

  4. Feels like there’s history between the both of them. Now I’m curious. i wonder what he will ask her to do