Tomorrow (2022) Episode 6

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26 Comments to “Tomorrow (2022) Episode 6

  1. I cried so much, damn. This episode was so emotional and so real about war veterens across the world who fought for their country but never got the respect they deserved.

  2. What a great episode!! it was very emotional and also full of life lessons. I cried a lot?❤️ but also learned something even though it is just a show regardless this episode was meaningful!??

  3. This has been the most difficult episode to watch, that ending when he got everyone to see him off literally had me sobbing. I also really like the after credit.

    Thanks to all of our Veterans all over the world and those that are fighting for us now. I come from a military family and have been blessed to get my family members all come back.

    This episode also made me think of this lady I saw in the city I used to live in, she had a crotch in one hand, an obvious limp, seemed to be around 70 years old, 5’0ft and was carrying a trolley with a bag bigger than her full of bottles. All I could think about was “Why do some people have to suffer so much?”

    Really loving this drama.

  4. The harabouji reminded me of my grandfather who passed last year. Fighting for your country and never getting recognition for the sacrifice you made only after your death is the worst thing that can happen to a warrior. I salute you Sir. This episode made me cry so much agh.

    1. me too he reminded me of my grandpa who passed away 6 years ago and i cried a lot by watching this episode and remembering him

  5. This episode made me cry the most. It was such an amazing episode. I was literally crying throughout the episode. My most favorite line of this episode “People face choices every moment of their lives. All those choices come together to make their lives”.

  6. I have been waiting! What is wrong. This ep is so emotional specially the last minutes! I was going to watch it here, but because of the problem I got to watch this ep on on other web.