Tomorrow (2022) Episode 7

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10 Comments to “Tomorrow (2022) Episode 7

  1. Although the whole take on mental health with eating disorders wasn’t really accurate (ED of a lifetime can’t be healed by one sentence of an idea overnight), I’m still glad they made an episode about the matter.

    Raising awareness of its existence and its consequences ??

    1. Who’s to say her ED is healed? I feel like the episode is portraying that she is willing to face it from now on rather than opt out of life completely.
      Also, everybody’s experience with a mental health disorder is different. Even if there are rough guidelines and methods to things like therapy, not everybody has the exact same way out.
      It’s not like an medicinal drug where most will react the same way.
      I can’t say for a fact that there has never been one person who changed for the better after a particular conversation because I haven’t met every human there’s ever been ygm

      1. A word would not treat my eating disorder. I was not even bullied for my weight

        I don’t see how someone who has been bullied for their weight can “get over it” overnight

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