Sayounara Konbanwa (2022)

Sayounara Konbanwa (2022)

Other name: 左様なら今晩は / さようなら こんばんは / If You’re Left, Tonight / If You’re Left, Tonight / If You’re on the Left, Tonight / If You’re on the Left, Tonight

Synopsis: A heart-full story about a strange living together with a salaryman, Hanzawa Yohei, who suddenly fell in love with a lover who was thinking of getting married, and a female ghost, Aisuke. Innocent and pure Aisuke who did not experience romance while she was alive, and Yohei who is clumsy in love who does not notice the feelings of the other party. At first, the relationship was awkward, but as they spent time in the same space, they understood each other and shortened the distance.


Status: Completed

Release Year:

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