Marry My Husband (2024)

Marry My Husband (2024)

Other name: 내 남편과 결혼해줘 / Nae Nampyeongwa Gyeolhonhaejwo

Synopsis: Ji Won travels back 10 years to exact revenge on her husband, who had an affair with her best friend and subsequently killed her. With the help of her younger self, Ji Won plans to make her husband pay for his betrayal. Will she wreak her revenge before time catches up with her?



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224 Comments to “Marry My Husband (2024)

  1. I think the wedding was the most happiest part for me.

    Saw their pictures displayed on the wedding gave me sheer joy, like this is what you called happiness. them taking pictures of their lives moments, displayed their joy and smile.

    ML could have been dressed more classier but all in all it was good closure.

  2. IKR!!!if i was a kdrama viewer and come across those prewed pictures,i will really thought they are a married couple 😝

  3. Murder and mayhem.
    Just the way I like my kdramas.
    Song Ha Yoon and Lee Yi Kyung understood the assignment and also did extra credit.

  4. su min remains crazy & delusional until the very end! everyone got the ending they deserved and im gonna miss this drama. now give me a eun ho, hee yeon spin off please!

  5. Kind of meh drama for me, not good but not bad. The last 4 episodes were fine enough, at least something was finally happening. If the drama had better pacing with the first episodes, so the 11-13 episodes could’ve mixed better with the rest of the storyline, the drama could’ve been pretty solid. Not mad at how it ended, though (and i knoooow this isn’t based on the webtoon) the webtoon’s ending felt a lot more satisfying for me than this one, but whatever. This drama had reaaaally great potential, definitely not worth 8.6 stars though.

  6. Song Ha Yoon and Lee Yi Kyung need to get awards for their roles in MMH . They did an amazing job playing these awful people and making us hate them. Ha Yoon surprised me with this role. I had only seen her play the sweet kind Seol Hee in Fight For My Way before this . I wasn’t sure if she could pull off this character when she first got cast for this role. She nailed this character and did a good job portraying Soo Min’s two faced personality. This show wouldn’t have been as good without Ha Yoon and Yi Kyung. I’m gonna miss this show . It was fun to watch to the end.

  7. Yes, it’s even weird to just say a whole continent regardless of the context and in this context specifically…

  8. It was so good! I’m glad they wrapped up the psycho drama in 30 mins and the other 34 mins of pure happiness and bliss!!!!!

    I guarantee this is going to be the new drama everyone gets introduced to as their first kdrama ☺️. 🥲 I’m so happy

  9. very happy with the ending. particularly Joo Ran, I love how she’s liberated and happy, independent, purposeful.

    Glad the wedding scene is so grand and the pics are beautiful!

    Certain episodes needed a tighter pace but in the end all the characters and their fate come full circle, which is a wonderful wrap up.

    will be watching more Song Ha Yoon’s drama. she’s great in fight for my way too and will binge her others

  10. I did not read the novel but the webtoon, I have a few gripes but not too many as I really enjoyed this adaptation, I found it relatively amusing that both the actresses were short and in particular when Jeong Su-min is in her black biker gear in the final episode, it looked just kinda out of place. It says their height is 1.64 m and 1.6 m on google respectfully for both Park Min-Young and Song Ha Yoon but I don’t even think they’re that tall, probably 1.45 m more like.

    I think my biggest gripe was that they didn’t showcase Jeong Su-min terrible childhood that contributed to her twisted and warped personality. In the drama, it just seemed like she was getting scolded by her mother for not doing chores or helping out but in the webtoon, it was more about how she shouldn’t exist and her being starved at home daily. I might be mis-remembering but her childhood in the webtoon was far more heart-breaking as her mother blamed her as the reason why her father left.

    Overall, I really enjoyed the drama and give it a 9/10.

    Just another small gripe, so often the villain is apprehended in K-dramas after a recording of their confession is done by the heroes of the story.

  11. I like both Main Lead .. And Have Watched Almost All Dramas Of Them ..

    Loved Starting Few Episodes .. It Was Like Bingo 10 Out Of 10 ..
    But I Feel In Middle It’s Little Draggy And Slow .. I Feel They Just Want To Make 16 Episodes Drama .. But I Think It Could Have Been Better If They Had Made This Drama Of Only 10 Episodes ..

    For Me It’s 8/10 For Nice Start + Nice Last 2 Episodes + Well Acted By Every1

    For Those Who Are Looking And Thinking To Watch Or Not .. Want To Say >> Go For It .. It’s Not Extraordinary But It’s Ok For Time Pass ..

    Now Going To Search What To Watch xD

    Good Night Zzzz xD

  12. To be honest death would have been an easy escape for su min like girl needs to live and spend for rest of her life blaming the wrong people For her misery but also not being able to so anything about it…… 😂

  13. “One down- two to go.” Which coincidentally has been my favourite line for over 25 years 😂( from totally different tv show)

  14. The showdown scene between Ji Won and Su Min is the level of acting we all deserve.
    It’s the only part not in the webtoon that I have enjoyed so far.
    This show’s ending is low-key the GOT for me, except they made it longer and diverted from the source of the material.
    Yura is such a weak Villain in comparison to the OG baddies, and the actress is outshined by every actor she shares a screen with to the point that it dulls any level of intimidation we are supposed to see from her.
    She is not bad she is just far behind in terms of the rest of the cast.

  15. Or just me, but this actress who plays YURA looks 50 years old and even when she tried to be “cute” in front of her grandfather, it looked grotesque. It looks awfully old for such a role.

  16. How can we forget that he also played a big role in helping jiwon find the man she loves and get together with him. What a sacrifice for his love 💀

  17. The drama writers forgot this drama is for a 2024 audience. truly feels like a trashy mukjang from the the 90’s. People are being evil for the sake of being evil plotting to kill each other left and right it’s downright laughable LMAO .
    I wasn’t gonna watch today’s ep but I was like I suffered through 14 episode so at least see it through. and by seeing it through I mean fastfowarding the heck out of it.
    But ngl now that I made peace with the fact that this is a literal dump, today ep’s watching experience was a mass improvement . Like watching a parody.

  18. this started so good but went downhill when they decided to include the cliche unwanted ex. in (cardi b voice)WHAT WAS THE REASON? I hate the ex drama just for the sake of drama!!

  19. the end of Min han, i love it. and the evil MIL yes no death now you must suffer. i love it. now who wants to take the fate of Ji Hyuk? yura, soo min.

  20. Yes, big showdown tomorrow between the two stars of the show! I love the ML but the show is really about the two main ladies – good versus evil!
    Poor Min Hwan – he’s just used by everyone while thinking that he’s all that!

  21. I agree. They were together for 7-8 years after all. And it’s not like anybody else besides his parents were there for him. Not even his buddy bothered to show up.

  22. How can we forget that he also played a big role in helping jiwon find the man she loves and get together with him. What a sacrifice for his love 💀

  23. If you put it like this, sumin also played a big role . Because if she didn’t come between Fl’s high school crush and Fl, she would be together with him. And the main leads are not possible.

  24. Song Ha Yoon is such a good actress.. she never failed to get on my every single nerve in this drama.. every single episode….

  25. That’s what I fucking needed in the finale. JiWon killing SuMin.. #Manifesting

    The finale holds the ultimate demise of both the bitches.. JiHyuk will take care of YuRa. Great I’m up for it..

  26. To me, Asian women look forever young, but she just looks grotesque and perfect for the role of the mean Dowager Queen in some historical series

  27. I’ll say this again character complexity and amazing acting are one of this dramas biggest strengths and weapons.

    The characters are written to be flawed imperfect haunted by traumas they have weaknesses they feel regretful make mistakes while some are driven by jealousy and insecurities and are morally grey at that…some are unhinged and crazy while some are potrayed as weak and helpless all these characteristics added depth to each one of these characters and I think it also added do me getting attached to them in some sort of way…..and thanks to the actors and actresses for flawlessly bringing their characters to life it was interesting to see how these characters were so different yet so similar ( Iam not sure how do explain it) and how they were driven by emotions desires and many more…..they felt human

    In addition to that is the character growth and development that doesn’t feel rushed but rather a realistic progress….becoming more self aware and confident and strong but at the same time still struggling to heal from past traumas and experiences…having break downs but then healing from them again…….the writer did well with the characterisation and the depth and complexity of the characters as well as the growth and development.

  28. A show reaching its climax or getting conflicted or turning to a new direction as it should by the way doesn’t mean it’s experiencing down fall……to people this show experienced a down fall starting from episode 12 to 14 but to me those were the episode in which the plot moved forward more…we saw conflicts confrontations and even a bit of character developments and complexity…….

    We are all clearly watching for different reasons some to understand, some to criticize and find faults, some to compare some to get entertained and that is absolutely okay……we all have different opinions and views.

    Lastly you don’t need to drag a show down just to praise another show( especially on a comment section designated for it) ….I mean if the show you praising has its merits then mention them without hiding under the faults of another……thats a bit toxic don’t you think.

    Anyways it’s finally D-DAY for the almost final episode of a show that has had me hooked for eight weeks straight and I absolutely don’t know how my Mondays are going to look after this…..🤧

    Happy watching!!!!

  29. Super concordo! nao sei o motivo de estar assistindo logo quando saem, deveria esperar terem acabado e maratonar! O mesmo esta acontecendo com Captivating the King, nao aguento e venho ler os spoilers

  30. Same binge rewatching helps you understand the story better because it flows continuously…..Iam also rewatching and you also notice a few more details that were skipped when you watched the first time

  31. Just finished ep 11 and obviously I saw the comments so I know that this where Yura comes into play. Well I definitely want to know if it actually turns bad like people are saying.

    Some thoughts about ep 11
    1.The group’s reaction to the past bullies was very weak. I am sorry if I learnt that my lover, my first love or my sister in law got bullied in the past and the bullies just walked off like that in front of me. I won’t tolerate that.
    2.The bullies are not good people just because they decided to ruin sumin’s wedding. The fact that they decided to do that instead of actually apologizing to the person they wronged already proved that.
    3.Very less screen time for eun ho despite him being listed as a main lead here.Don’t get me wrong I love Mrs Yang but I feel like I see her more than eun ho.
    4.Yang ju ran facing the same fate as jiwon just hurts me more. Especially because she is someone close to jiwon. If her father or God wanted jiwon to be happy that definitely didn’t help.
    5.Min hyuk’s best friend being the same kind of trash as him.

  32. It doesn’t turn bad as many people are implying..things just become a bit conflicted..alot that happens in episode 12 is more elaborated on and explained in EP 13 and 14 which also includes the purpose of the new character which is going to also be more elaborated on in EP 15 as per the pre release I suggest you watch it your own first

  33. I can’t believe I’m gonna say this by BoA and her character completely ruined the drama for me. I have never dreaded this show up until her appearance. And now she won’t go away.

  34. Me too. Even though the plot is poor and there isn’t much romance, the acting of the actors in this drama deserves praise.

  35. People seem to keep forgetting what kind of drama they’re watching. It’s a ridiculous story about getting cheated on, being killed and then BEING BROUGHT BACK TO LIFE AND GETTING REVENGE IN ALSO RIDICULOUS MEANS. You’re watching makjang and you are saying the plot is getting convoluted?

    I also read webtoon. I didn’t read the novel so I also was a bit confused about the changes but I took a break from the series, came back to it, watched all 4 episodes I had and I started to appreciate the series again. My guys, go back to the webtoon and check how unusually peacefull the plot was in the last part, everything being perfect for Jiwon, everything working out for her and try to think how boring the drama adaptiation would be. Also how boring actually Jihyuk was. I don’t know how about you but I like the changes. And surprisingly, I like Yura. She makes sense, it all makes much more sense than in the webtoon. The twists have now proper explanations, the “fate” now makes much more sense. And all of that is just so properly crazy like a proper makjang should be.

  36. Doesn’t matter if the MDL ratings for this drama is 0/10. It’s a 10/10 for me and will stay that way for eternity. All of the hard work the actors, actresses, and everyone involved put in this drama is beyond what I expected after reading the webtoon and deserve much recognition. I’m a happy camper. 🙂

  37. I have to wonder about this, as well. One side of her face looks abnormal and swollen in the Ep. 14 restaurant scene.

  38. Okay. Listen. PMY is known to be the queen of romcoms, but I think she rocks in a drama. I noticed this in Queen for 7 days and i am noticing it here.

  39. Yes I wrote the same in less sentences ☺️ It’s clear she could’ve stopped him, once she collected herself and overcome the initial fear.
    She also knew Jihyuk was coming which also gave her strength.

  40. She has become much stronger now. And she must have wanted to see if her destiny was to be really killed at the hands of Minhwan.

  41. I’m superb excited for last two episodes 🔥 The whole journey was great ✨ Also little sad that it’s gonna end ☹️

  42. I loveee PMY but she looks so different in this drama, did she get work done?…
    loving it so far though, on episode 8 currently!

  43. You seem to have some mental issues looking at some of your comments. Just shut up and mind your f**king language.

  44. Since ep 10 or smth, I’ve been pretty bored. Now the plot is getting so twisted and I couldn’t watch without skipping. BoA’s character makes me so mad, but Huiyeon is keeping the show sunshine as always~

  45. “According to the production team, Park Min-young, who plays the role of Kang Ji-won, who pioneers a harsh destiny properly, is evaluated as having handled the changes in her character’s life well. Unlike her first life, in which she contracted cancer and was killed by her husband and best friend in the play, Kang Ji-won, who returned, realized that fate is something you create for yourself, and proved it by fighting with her whole body. In particular, the scene at the end of episode 14 where, even as Park Min-hwan (played by Lee Yi-kyung) was strangling her and losing consciousness, she confidently faced him and smiled without any sign of fear, was a moment that showed Kang Ji-won’s inner strength. If her death is fate, she is Kang Ji-won, who has changed enough to laugh at even that fate.”

    This is the explanation from the production team, so most of the people who don’t understand a strong FL can just shut up!!! People always complaining about FL make me wonder if we are even watching the same drama. She has become so strong to the point that she is now ready to laugh at her fate even if the fate means death. So, y’all can stop crying.

  46. I don’t know if what i am going to say is relatable for a person who didn’t read the webtoon ,
    but for me this is not going to be one of my favourite.

    My expectation was so high since i was such a fan of the webtoon
    The first episodes where very nice but now why is it becoming just average…
    the webtoon was so romantic and fluffy i loved them so much….
    They excluded those cute moments and included some unwanted things which made this show just a fucking mess. I think they are following the web novel plot.
    The actors are all so nice if they really just stick by the webtoon plot they could have made this a lot more fun. This is a rom-com so they should have know better to add more romantic and cute moments.
    I am not saying it is not worth watching, may be a person who didn’t read the webtoon will love it, but not me, This feels like just a okay series now, may be because my high expectation.

  47. sisa 2 eps lagi tapi baru nyampe klimaks yg beneran klimaks nya. kayanya nnti kita bakal dpt scene happy ending dgn porsi yg super duper irit deh!

  48. I just thought I would post this in case anyone is in a similar situation I was.

    I put off starting this series because I had just watched Perfect Marriage Revenge and thought the storyline’s were too similar. I even assumed the twist would be the same. I won’t spoil what that is.

    So far I’m up to episode 5 and despite the same premise of these series it feels completely different. I haven’t been hooked so early on a series for a long time. I’m only up to episode 5 but if you’re hesitating because of the other series, give this a chance. It feels different.

  49. My eyes are about to roll into my forehead with the efforts it took me not to hit skip skip skip on ep 13 & 14 😩🙄
    Waste of a good drama.

  50. just wanna ask, I saw the glance of flasback of the ml he asks yura ‘why she beats that girl’ while holding some documents and yura seems to have yoga with her big belly. is she pregnant ? when they married?

  51. I am on the beginning ep 11 rn but he just did not do that 💀 naah this must be some kind of JOKE. The communication between them is non-existent. Why do they have to portray him as some kind of hero/victim of the story? Why don’t tell each other what happened before? What kind of bullshit is that? I thought this drama would have good communication. Even though I like the male lead I cannot comprehend this. I really hope he will tell the truth to her soon cause wtf???????????/

  52. Can someone help to find this piece of music?
    I particularly like a special piece of piano music which is first heard in episode 1 ( ~ min 14:50 to min 15:20) and which later becomes the musical theme for Ji Won and Ji Hyuk. You can also hear it later in episode 7 ( ~ min 53:00 to min 54:45), or also in episode 10 (~ min 48:22 to min 48:50). Does anyone know this piece of music or does anyone know if this track exists outside the TV show or if it was written for the show? Does anyone know where I can find information about the music, or the piece itself?

  53. It seems like a lot of people are complaining about why they don’t continue with the romance… At least I don’t think it’s unnecessary content. At the beginning of the drama, Min-hwan and Sumin are taken to the police in the future. That only happened in the past. Then, explain why they are taken away. Do you just want romance to last forever?? It’s all in the web novel. The problem is that a lot of the content was put into 16 episodes, so it can’t be perfect.
    If you have lost interest, please go watch another drama. No one is forcing you to watch this drama.

  54. fwiw.. the web novel it was based on had 181 chapters. and it was full of the tropes we are seeing, and was so popular that it was adapted to audio drama (130 episodes), webtoon (58chapters), now tv drama..

    I do wish they adapted less tropes in the drama, as it seems to go down the rom-com turned melodrama road..

  55. I gotta say, every character in this drama is flawed.
    Anyone dissing Ji won doesn’t get what she’s been through. Imagine being ditched by your husband and Best Friend– it’s a nightmare! Ji won’s got issues. She’s scared to screw up again, especially with Jihyuk. I mean, she barely knew the guy in her past life, and now he’s all caring and stuff. That’s bound to mess with your head. And when trouble comes knocking, she’s running away – fight or flight mode, ya know?

    Sure, the drama could’ve done without the Yura subplot, but seeing these characters react like real people to trauma is kinda fascinating. Jiwon’s got commitment hang-ups from her past, but she needs to shake that off and realize Jihyuk’s the stability she’s been craving. Remember when she said she just wants to feel steady? A tiny bump in her boat freaks her out, that’s all.

    But man, I feel for Jihyuk too. Dude’s bending over backward for her, but she’s all like, ‘Nah, I’m out.’ Props to him for understanding where she’s coming from, though. They’ve been through the wringer, and yeah, they’ve made some questionable calls, but who wouldn’t in their shoes?

    Jiwon’s tough as nails, and she’ll bounce back. So, cut her some slack, yeah? Even if her actions seem a bit unreasonable, I totally get where she’s coming from.

  56. really? damn, this one feels so out of character haha i thought they added it last minute for drama effect but oh well, let’s see how it plays out then

  57. It is not recommended to watch episodes 13-14 next week, but it is recommended to watch episodes 13-16 (end) at once in the next two weeks. LOL

  58. The main leads chemistry is awful. Park Min Young, a veteran, is doing all she can, but Na In Woo is awful. I can’t see any expression on his face. Apart from smiling or joy, any other emotions are nonexistent, as if I’m watching a cardboard act. I literally had to skip there moments because they’re the most boring parts of this show. They should’ve kept it like The Glory where he’s an Executioner of Jiwon rather than a Prince charming.

  59. With all the current noises… i want to see whats the ratings for next monday 😄

    To me its still good, its 16 episodes drama, they need to fill in the hours, hence the introduction of new character 🫣🤷‍♀️😄

  60. Dropping this drama after episode 12. It baffles me how they were doing so well following the webtoon and then they pull this “???” on us. Adding nonsensical tropes doesn’t make a drama better. They had a perfectly good script to go off on and then they did this f. Smh.

  61. So guess who is coming….JSM’s mother!!! You all knew it was coming.

    We have Kim Hyun (Reborn Rich and The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract) who will portray the role of Lee Myung Ja. She is the biological mother of Song Ha Yoon’s character Jung Soo Min. Her appearance will showcase a bad memory of Jung Soo Min and it will reveal how she did not become a warm and reliable mother to her.

    If you saw either one of the above-mentioned dramas she was something else. I can only imagine how she will be. In this. This is going to be good. Both mother and daughter finally together, man get ready for this ride.

  62. Ji won has met all the wrong people in her life during her quest for love and happiness… can tell she lost the sense and ability to judge good from bad because she yearned for a hand to be held out to her…..all of this has ruined her to the point that when she finally met the right person who is willing to give her the two things she has been desparately yearning for ( love and happiness and even solidility and stability) she became doubtful after she felt threatened that he could also be among her wrong choices which he isn’t obviously…….our insecurities and fears will always come back to haunt us even after we feel that we are ready to let them go or even after we feel that we have let them go……these insecurities are no excuse to hurt those around us but trust be the probability of doing it intentionally or unintentionally is so high…so maybe she was stupid and unreasonable….but girl is clearly disturbed and I doubt she even let her self think straight for a minute so the first thing that came into her mind is….I should run away before I face what I experienced before…….( Her reaction was unreasonable but we human being or atleast I can get unreasonable most of the times)

  63. This is too tropey for me . It’s almost laughable at this point… every episode seems like it belongs to a tired old rom com from the 2000’s. The nonsensical fate plot, the jealous female friend (to the point of murder ffs) the cheating ex boyfriend, The bubbly supporting female friend , The cold ML who is only warm to the FL and now the obsessive ex girlfriend who also wants to murder the FL? like seriously?

  64. kdramas and their shitty episode 12-13s… im tired of the lame ass plotlines in the 12th episode that completely ruins the flow of the series.

  65. OMG your right i just finished watching it again a few days ago and didn’t make the connection lol maybe PMY owns the copyright for U&K lol

  66. Confronting challenges which differ from those from her first life give Ji-Won opportunities to grow confidence in herself.

  67. So far so good. I had some early trepidations early on, but my fears were allayed. It’s funny, has good action, and the cases-of-the-week are well-integrated insofar as they illuminate the overarching story (and backstory) of the protagonists.

  68. watch, or both,
    I love the webtoon but the webtoon has weird plot holes and the drama flesh out the character, make the character more believable and the plot more streamlines

  69. Felt a vein pop when I saw the ex-fiance. Not in the WEBTOON and not necessary. There was enough shit for Sumin to do, why do we have to add a useless character here with a useless storyline? Who wants to see a rich lady kicking the FL down? It’s so old already.

  70. I totally agree with you, and also the delusional criminal-like fiancée is beyond cartoonish, I simply don’t believe in what this character wants to portray at all. The acting is also a far cry from Ha Yoon (Sumin), which makes her even more redundant.

  71. I know people are disappointed with ep 12 but K-dramas are full of absurd, cliché, and over-the-top plotlines! I have read the web novel and the live drama is an improvement to the novel at all levels. Particularly, in the live drama, the villain couple is smarter, funnier, and have a bit of tenderness towards each other. I hope it continues like this for them. I will be thoroughly disappointed if they remove their villain charm from them and make them a copy of the web novel.

  72. What’s frustrating is that we already have so many amazing villains to utilize, but we have to go for the same-old rich girl stomping on the underdog when we have 4 episodes left.

  73. I was holding off on reading the webtoon until after the drama is completed but im about to read it just to get a better satisfaction on how this episode unfolded. Im so upset drama writers are about to ruin this for us 😤

  74. really hoping the drama writers give a good back story to Joo Ran and Lee since it’s quite different from webtoon… they knew each other some time back but what happened??.. they’re just dropping a few lines every episode, so much suspense lol

  75. Everyone who likes “revenge plot” should watch this drama. Even if it does not as deep angst as the usual “revenge drama”, this drama excel in almost everything and I’m genuiny surprised for it. I didn’t expect to be that good.

    Main good points for it.

    1) Actors in general are very good here.
    2) This is probably the best drama Park Min Young made. Don’t get me wrong, she does good in a lot of dramas, but in this one her acting is showing why she is one of the best actress in Korea.
    3) Couple is not that good, but are done very well accordingly to the comic. I just wish the MC was more “handsome”, however I can’t say Na In Woon is not doing a good job, because he is.
    4) Story is entertaining and every episode show us something different (mainly cause of the actors, but the directors are also doing a great job).
    5) Ost is good. We have at least 1 or 2 songs that you would listen in your playlist.

  76. Na Inwoo really has that gentle aura to him that makes me believe that he could actually do anything and everything for the person he loves. I think he fits this role really well.

  77. why this one is not finished airing yet😂🔫😂🔫🤣🤣😭😭 I can’t wait to watch it in one go😭😭😭😭😂🔫🤣 18 days to 20 february is so far to bear🥲🥲🥲🥲🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  78. I feel like this drama’s done a really good job at portraying abuse, and especially abuse tied as it ties into self-worth in this drama.

    There are so many people (especially women), friends and family, I’ve known, who have with all their hearts believed they should be tied to somebody who gives them nothing or less, because either “I can fix them!”, they believe it’s their burden / fate to carry in life – or because they’ve either been abused, abandoned, neglected (or been the victim of misogyny, or some other bigotry) in their past or present by parents, friends or partners; they have been raised with such a low self esteem, they don’t believe they’re worth anything better.

    I know there are many factors that can be unchangeable in our lives – but there’s also so much that we can get when we shift the narratives we tell about our lives. When “I can fix them!” becomes “Where does the time and energy I put into them go?”, or “This is my burden / fate.” becomes “What opportunities do I have right now?”, there is so much more freedom to be had.

    The abuse and mistreatment “It was your fault.”, “Did I do that?”, “Why are you doing this to me?”, “How could you think of breaking up with me?”, the insults, the financial leverage – are in the same scenes as “I love you.”, “You’re my other half.”, and “I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to hurt you.”. The good times are mixed in with the bad. The actors have had previously lovable, or comedic roles, and even this is played with a comedic note, so even the audience can be lulled in (I’ve already seen many comments like “I just can’t see them as the villain! They looked so adorable. in [x] role!” or “They have such a cute face! I can’t hate them.”, which ironically mirrors how Ji-Won herself saw them too) – but they’re still playing abusers, backstabbers and manipulators, no matter what face they wear. Just like in real life.

    I genuinely feel, for this reason, that this story could already be so important. It’s vital to be honest about ourselves and our life circumstances while not condemning ourselves to misery, and I feel like that’s exactly what this drama is trying to get across from underneath.

  79. I’m pretty curious to find out why Su-min got with her husband in the original timeline. Was it only to get his money or was she just jealous of Ji-won?

  80. Im curious what they are going to do with sumin with the way they changed things with the allergy fiasco. Alsooo cant wait for the family meeting!!

  81. Its just the same comments being repeated here constantly lmao:
    1. so many changes from webtoon
    2. ML not hot
    3. Why can’t she just break up
    (add in a few comparisons with perfect marriage revenge and that’s the entire review section of this drama)

  82. i still haven’t watched the 8th episode but i was watching the previous one and i kept thinking if i remembered sth wrong or did they actually change so much in there… at first i kinda liked it, seems more serious than the webtoon but GOSH jiwon is actually starting to irritate me. and from what i can see in the comments i am not alone in that feeling

  83. I love the lead’s chemistry so much and I hope Ms Yang isn’t as dumb and nonchalant as they are portraying her rn

  84. Huh, why are the evil bff and mis Yang friends now? Why did they change that. So confused by all the changes around miss yang.

  85. jiwon keeps giving the same monologue at least 3 times per episode. It’s getting so old. PMY’s acting in this drama is also pretty bad. First few episodes her acting was better than I expected so I was interested but now its gone back to being 90% emotionless. The rest of the cast is pretty good so I’m sticking along for them atp

  86. Someone PLEASE add a spoiler below about if the FL gets her revenge and if she will end up with that jerk or not based on the webtoon. I don’t want to waste my time. I DO NOT like how this show is progressing.

  87. Director: I want them to show how hard it is to hold it in. Especially the ML!
    ML: Yes, I will try to look her in the eyes and…
    Director: Shiver with anxiety! Tremble from refraining!
    ML: Ok, I will try and…
    Director: I want to see the urge and the inner fighting for control!
    ML: …
    Director: Show us how hard it is to remain a saviour when you would rather savour!
    Crew: sir, it’s kinda …

  88. Na In Woo’s ability to look at his FL in such a complicated and loving way is UNMATCHED.

    It impressed me first in River Where the Moon Rises, and then subsequently in Her Bucket List and Jinxed At First. Straight up his gaze is like a tangible physical thing on screen—his way of conveying emotion through his eyes is such a nuanced skill for an actor to have and it creates soooo much visual tension.

    LOVING his performance so far and I’m thrilled he is proving his naysayers wrong!!! I knew he would!!!

  89. she’s got a knight in shining armor blank cheque as allowance ,💙 can’t wait for her to want to do more than just talking 😆

  90. is it just me or was the chemistry in that lake on 🔥 ?

    For me, this is currently one of the best Kdramas streaming now.

  91. Lovingggggg the drama in full run Park minyoung is twinkling and the chemistry with ml is so on point waiting for their romantic chemistry too😭😭

  92. Director: I want them to show how hard it is to hold it in. Especially the ML!
    ML: Yes, I will try to look her in the eyes and…
    Director: Shiver with anxiety! Tremble from refraining!
    ML: Ok, I will try and…
    Director: I want to see the urge and the inner fighting for control!
    ML: …
    Director: Show us how hard it is to remain a saviour when you would rather savour!
    Crew: sir, it’s kinda …

  93. It seems all of the characters are annoying except for Yu Jihyuk. I can’t stand the acting of the FL, she looks dumb and annoying, for a woman from the future ! Viewers are waiting for her to speak up but she always ends up just looking wide eyed and with that stupid open mouth look. Jeez.

  94. Those who are watching, how is Na in woo doing as the ml?
    I have seen so many people divided regarding his casting,so want to know about your opinion who are watching it.
    I am liking him so far…

  95. im not even kidding this drama is so well done every charachter is meaningful and you have opinions for all of them the plot is really good overall 100/10 so far love it sm

  96. I haven’t watched him in much, just DotS (and I don’t even remember his part in that) and MMH. But here and I am sure this is the intention, he is giving major creep vibes, like even when I look at him, I just think creepy stalker. I am only one episode 2 currently, was going to wait for it to end, but I couldn’t, so I started it and so far it is really good.

  97. just read the whole webtoo and wooosh what a DRAMA, if they decide to follow even ⅔rd of the webtoon story then let me tell you that SOO MIN is going to be a b!tch till the end, aghhhh

  98. Because it is pure of intention. Its only mission is to enter the story to create a quick dramatic event and than drive off never to be seen until the next drama calls.

  99. This is a must-watch drama in 2024. I didn’t think it would be this good, so I turned it off 3 times after watching first 2-3 mins. It was my mistake. This drama is exceptionally well made and fun. Today it ranked top 3 on Amazon Prime US.

  100. I want to hate Park Min Hwan but I can’t take Yi Kyung seriously ever 🤣
    Just for once in Children of nobody, he was dead serious there ☠️

  101. I was right afterall, he changed his clothing style to becomes more handsome.
    By the way, I really don’t like ML being actual stalker, he literally follows her through everything which is not exactly right to do.

  102. Idk if it is just me but I wished the cast could be better. The MML acting is just so stiff. I mean I hate to say this but this webtoon is so good and the ml acting is not doing justice to it. And I can’t exactly pinpoint it but the vibe is kinda off. I understand they are showing 2013 so the palate is muted and all but no many 2023 beautiful dramas set even in that time zone is beautiful. I hope it gets better with further episodes.

  103. The annoying characters in the drama are doing a veryyy good job of being super annoying. Like they even make me angry outside the screen.

    1. In the webtoon, they got married and had 4 kids. Basically, their life is great. And as for the snake aka Sumin and the trash aka Minhwan, they ended up plotting against each other. The other locked up in jail, the other dead.

  104. Other than the common rebirth trope, they are nothing alike. plot, style, locations, etc. are all different

  105. The ML, how come he knows what Jiwon is up to? Is he just a good stalker and fan of Jiwon that he knows her schedule? lol. The ML is starting to look more handsome.

  106. Extremely delighted and satisfied with Jiwoon’s retaliation against Soomin
    It’s so satisfying to see Soomin finally embarrassed LOL🤣🤣

    Not worthy of being called a ‘soulmate,’ just a toxic friend taking advantage of others 😡😡

    Really looking forward to the next episode and anticipating more interactions with Jihyuk 😃

  107. Hee Yeon is my favorite character so far. She is the cutest, most adorable side character I think I’ve ever seen; both visually and personality wise lol. Surprised its a newer actress, imo she’s ready and deserves some lead roles

  108. Just read the outline and instantly Perfect Marriage Revenge came to mind. Does it give the same feel as you watch it too?

  109. Another good ep 3! I like the transformation of Jiwon. She’s looking fierce, pretty, and fabulous in her new looks. Sumin is a two-faced fake-ass friend. Jiwon was naive and manipulated by Sumin’s fakeness. She’s too nice!!! Minhwan is a coward and a piece of crap bf. Yikyung’s actor played him well, he’s so hateful and dorky lol

  110. Hmm I’m not sure about Na In Woo playing Yoo Ji Hyuk rn, after hearing the webtoon will get a kdrama I thought about someone like Lee Soo Hyuk or Ji Chang Wook playing Yoo Ji Hyuk, I think they fit a bit better but I can’t say I don’t like him either. Not what I pictured but not hating it, I can’t wait for the next episodes maybe he will grow on me more then.
    The glasses aren’t that well chosen and the suit seems a bit ill fitted too (tho I don’t know much about suits..), it’s just feels a litte disjointerd but it isn’t a deal breaker or even horrible like so many say, let alone calling Na In Woo ugly… which he is not.

    1. ur so real for thus because in the manga hes hotter but in the kdrama im not saying hes ugly or whatever its just he looks like a need and doesn’t look HOT like the character in the manga 😭

  111. I seriously CAN NOT take Gwenchana Gwenchana guy seriously & his look when laughs😂🤣🤣 my goodness I always get out of breath.

  112. The first two episodes are extremely good. There was no point at which I felt like skipping scenes or found myself on my phone. I even cried a couple of times in the first episode which only happens with good dramas. Park Min young never fails to pick up amazing dramas <3

  113. Cannot suspend disbelief with female lead so emaciated and frail. I hope she can rise above whatever her battle…

    1. She literally starved herself down to less than 90 pounds because her character is a cancer patient for like 1 scene, so far.

  114. In Na Woo is doing okay as Ji Hyuk. lol (They really should’ve given him a different pair of frames though.) The rest of it is falling in line with the webtoon. I am so looking forward to the revenge sequences…

  115. I know NIW is tall and has a nice figure… but can they find a suit that fits him better?! the broad shoulder thing is annoying because it makes him look so square.

  116. Am I the only one who likes the glasses? LMAO. I like them on our guy, it protects me from his beauty. The webtoon ML has glasses too, but I wasn’t fond of them initially and then I warmed up to them.

    HELP. My judgement is distorted LOL. But, the ML’s styling is one of the things that really resembles the manwha, so may be that’s why I have a soft spot. Or I just like ‘good grandmas’ like another in the comments mentions hehehehe.

  117. As a webtoon reader, the first episode imo is really good , it encapsulate the feel, this is exactly how the webtoon feels, like you feel the rage, the unfairness and her desire.
    They foreshadow a lot of things and it’s done tastefully, as reader who know how it will ends, it’s nice to see the set up and all these characters. The wardrobe, the 2013 feeling is also there.
    The freak out after returning is too much imo , the overdid the physical contact since the webtoon didn’t do it right away but it’s all good and I think Ji Hyuk looks fine. I think they adapted it well from 2009 to 2013, kinda sad that the flip phone is not there but they keep the glasses.
    As drama watcher,
    I love the cinematography and the direction, like each shot connected really well to another shot and the story telling is really well explained. The set up for each story line, even in the same episode done really well that you can just watch this without the webtoon and still understand everything you need for the pilot episode.

    some more in the spoiler

  118. Loving to see one of my favorite manhwas addapted to the screen. I specially like the actress playing Soo Min, you can truly see the hatred and obssession in her eyes underneath her cutesy facade.

  119. park minyoung is finally taking roles where her acting skills can shine. loved her in love in contract, and enjoyed the first two episodes of this! can’t wait to watch the rest.

  120. It is now No. 1 in real-time OTT TIVING in Korea.
    The response in Korea is very good. They say the drama is as fun as the webtoon.

  121. I read the webtoon and i must say it was really good. I am so proud of author of story. They got now a kdrama!

  122. it took me 3 quarters of the way through ep 1 to realize soomin was baek seol hee in fight for my way! fast moving plot so far which i appreciate and so happy to see minyoung in a new drama!

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  124. I love how her story was told in just a short time but managed to be impactful….the acting also added to it’s impact….you could feel her helplessness, anger and pain..let’s just say she managed to make me connected to her character in juts an episode….

  125. For who was hestitate to watch this drama because the storyline may look like “Perfect Married Revenge”. I love PMR but I tell you that this storyline is way more interesting than you can think of. I’ve read both of manhua but i prefer this manhua. Hopefully, they will potray the adaptation well till the end of the drama. :’

  126. i did the mistake of watching it on the same day as it released!!! now i cant wait for another episode ! i want them all NOW!

  127. From ep 1, this is shaping up to be slightly better than perfect marriage revenge. which I found just comical (in a bad way).
    I read MMH webtoon already and it’s seems they have done well with the adaptation and casting.

  128. I enjoyed watching the first episode so much and I did not expect this drama to make me interested
    also, the pace of the plot was really fast not draggy, and not over-the-top irritating
    it’s really good for start

  129. I think this one has me more connected to the female character emotionally…to the point that Iam rooting for her revenge….. because I can feel her pain and anger…..that’s something that took me a while to get connected too in PMR