Jazz for Two (2024)

Jazz for Two (2024)

Other name: 재즈처럼 / Jaejeucheoreom / Like Jazz

Synopsis: , Thursday

After the tragic loss of his talented brother, Han Tae Yi finds himself feeling empty and unmotivated. However, his routine is disrupted when Yoon Se Heon, a transfer student with a passion for jazz, enters his life. Despite Tae Yi’s initial annoyance with Se Heon’s constant jazz playing, they are forced to work together for a joint performance evaluation. As they spend more time together, they begin to develop complicated feelings for each other. But their relationship is put to the test when a suspended senior student, Song Joo Ha, returns to school and causes tension between them.



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One Comment to “Jazz for Two (2024)”

  1. what a wonderful surprise 11 minutes into the firt episode. did not expect that. if you watch korean bl, you will know.