Doctor Cha (2023)


The story revolves around Cha Jung Sook, a devoted housewife who has spent the past two decades taking care of her family. Her husband, Seo In Ho, is a chief surgeon at a renowned university hospital known for his strict and thorough personality.

Despite her husband’s success, Cha Jung Sook has always felt unfulfilled and has longed to pursue her dream of becoming a doctor. She had given up her medical residency years ago to prioritize her family, but after 20 years, she decides to restart her medical training.

Also known as: 닥터 차정숙 医生车贞淑 Dagteo Chajeongsug Doctor Cha Jeong Suk / Doctor Cha Jung Sook


Status: Completed

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24 Comments to “Doctor Cha (2023)

  1. Please update episode 11 and 12 on the dramacool website for the computer, been eagerly waiting for these episodes and I have been checking everyday

  2. thank you for all your positive comment, after searching a lot which anime or drama to watch next, i have something to watch

  3. I wish i never watched this, every episode is amazing i just want to finish watching n finding the next episode there waiting every one hour

  4. I hope this doesn’t end with them getting back together. The husband doesn’t deserve her. She should continue with her career and date the other doctor who’s interested in her. He’s handsome, young and importantly, he truly cares for her. Her husband is an asshole.

  5. This is why wives turn to someone else- their husbands ignore them because they put their jobs before their wives- that is the worst mistake to make

    1. So having a love child and mistress he seems to do everything with eg meals out ,golf ,holidays non of which he does with his wife is okay ?
      She would never turn to anyone else if he had stayed loyal to her,which by the way she has not done anything wrong with any other man !
      Her husband put his love for the mistress first not his job or wife and family !

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