Snowdrop (2021)


The drama is set in 1987, when South Korea was governed under a dictatorship. It tells the love story of Im Soo Ho, who one day rushes into a female dormitory covered in blood, and Eun Young Ro, who helps to hide him.

Im Soo Ho (Jung Hae In) is a korean who grew up in Germany. He is a graduate student at a prestigious university and has a gentle charm and appears to be mysterious.

Eun Young Ro (Kim Ji Soo) is a fun and lovable first year student at the Women’s University who studies English Literature. She met Soo Ho on a blind date and fell in love with him at first sight.

Ke Bun Ok (Kim Hye Yoon) pretends to be a student and goes on blind dates with Yeon Ro, but she didn’t go to university due to family’s financial circumstances and works as a telephone operator in the dorm.

Lee Kang Moo (Chang Seung Jo) is head of the First Division of the National Intelligence Service (NIS). He is a man of principle, who doesn’t compromise in any situation.

Jang Han Na (Jung Yoo Jin) is an impulsive and hot-tempered NIS agent who is passionate about her work.

Airs from 12/18/2021 on Saturdays and Sundays.

Adapted from the handwritten notes of a man who escaped from a political prison camp in North Korea.

Original Network: jTBC;

Also known as: 설강화 Seolganghwa Sulganghwa Sulkanghwa Seolkanghwa


Status: Completed

Release Year:

Air Date: Dec 18, 2021

Genres: , , ,

Starring: , , , , , , , ,

Snowdrop (2021) trailer

355 Comments to “Snowdrop (2021)

  1. Why would you write a spoiler and ruin the show for future viewers. Admin needs to erase these inconsiderate peoples comments.

  2. !spoiler! I guess
    I hate taeil und the other “police officers”
    I mean why would they kill Soho yk?
    They could just let him be like they just wanted the money anyways so wtf DID THEY KILL SOHOO ???? I feel bad for yeongro but yeah I .. yk I just wanted to watch the drama again when I heard the music I started crying and when I saw taeill I just have anger issues but yeah sorry for the spoiler 🙂

    I promise you this one is really worth watching, completly recommended, it’s one of my favorites dramas of all times.

    1. Just a warning… This is a heartbreaking story, never a drama has affected me as much as snowdrop before, I don’t regret watching it tho. It’s a masterpiece.

  4. I finished all my work and picked up my mobile with great joy and enthusiasm….thinking that now I will watch this drama comfortably …. but I was lucky enough to read the first comment …. which spoiled the whole mood. … be happy now i don’t watch drama …. be fat with happiness ….. thank you from the bottom of my heart !…..

      1. all of you need to stfu, go fucking watch the show instead of scrolling though comments, you dumbass.

  5. it has been 5 days but am still crying. my heart is aching. they should have made a happy ending…
    yeongro is left all alone and soo ho death is unforgetable…
    though it was a masterpiece.

  6. Even though I didn’t like the last episode???,I really loved the drama. Haein, Jisoo and all the cast did such an amazing job. I really thank the director for casting all of them together. I’ll never be able to forget this drama, Snowdrop❤❤

  7. Could it be that the writer was forced to kill Soo ho bc of the contraversary problem at the begining of the drama???? If yes, he’s not brave enough to believe in himself. ????? I want soo ho back to life.

  8. This whole show is a masterpiece.. Jung Hae-in’s acting.. Jisoo’s acting.. IMMACULATE! As for the FINALE it was the best acting of the entire show but it literally broke my heart.. Will I ever recover?

  9. WHAT WAS THE REASON WHAT WAS THE REASON WHAT WAS THE REASON BITCH -cardi b, i hate this, i can’t belive i have to go walk and think about this ending just kill me already

  10. There is a lot of great things to say about this show. Gorgeous scenes, an even more gorgeous cast along with top-notch acting, well-timed comedic scenes. They somehow also managed to throw in some action within all the romance and drama going on,! I am fazed: I want more.

    1. there are many .. but the few that I would recommend are :

      1. now, we are breaking up
      2. Nevertheless
      3. My roommate is a gumiho
      4. doom at your service
      5. My girlfriend is an alien

    1. everyone forgets that it air every saturday and sunday at 10:30pm and ends 12am kst!!! it will be uploaded here after airing! We have to wait after it airs some time because of subs 😉

  11. They keep saying it in interviews that the end is very memorable and hard for them. What does this mean? Happy or Sad Ending? Better not be a sad ending??

  12. Sad for Kim Mi Soo. She’s very young and talented. Eternal rest grant unto Kim Mi Soo Oh Lord. And let perpetual shine upon her. May she rest and peace. AMEN

  13. omgg, waiting for ep 10 and super excited but then sad because the actor for Yeo jung-min (Kim Mi-soo) has past away meaning they’d have to make a scene where she dies and I have a feeling it’d be in the explosion. But who knows, ep 10 awaits ….

  14. do you know what the episodes come on Sunday and Monday now but its okay because i can wait a little bit and im losing my patience a little bit ive waiting all week????…

    1. Same i cant wait wait for episode 10 i watch the same episodes until the episode 10 comes and although i have school monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday so i have to wait until school ends and i have Cambridge classes in Saturday 10:00 to 12:00 which means today btw i love their acting and i cant wait for episode 10 which gonna come today

      1. same i do cambridege classes to ive been waiting for a freaking week and the still didn’t upload the 10th episode I’m loosing my patience at this point

    1. they realease at 10:30pm in Korean time on saturday/sunday so it depends on how many hours your country is behind or ahead of Korea in that aspect, however of course that’s when it releases on disney plus which means it will take a bit more time to collect the subtitles and that for this website.

  15. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i can’t wait another week for ep 10
    dramocool hurry uppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp
    this drana is driving me nuts ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    jisoo was born to be an actress

  16. Ah so excited for episode 9 can it just be released already yayyyy so many interesting things are going to happen :DDDD

  17. Cant wait for ep 9…….i hope soo ho will release all the other hostages and go back to north…….all should b safe…….rip late actress kim mi soo……she was my fav character in this kdrama?????

  18. Why do I feel that bom detonation remote is a false one….cuz I don’t think lm soo really wants to kill innocent people ep 8. Lets see if its true..

  19. I cant wait for episode 8.Im soo happy.Also rest in peace kim mi soo.Im very sad to hear that she died.She was one of my favourites.Also,Jisoo’s acting is soo good i almost forgot that she’s a singer?

  20. 저도 지금 스노드롭 보고 있는데 뉴스보고 충격받았어요
    김미수가 쉴 수 있다?❤️

  21. My heart goes out to Kim Misoo’s friends and family <3 I'm so sorry for your loss, she was a beautiful and talented woman who shouldnt have left us this early. May she rest in piece.

    1. I have a feeling that it might have a happy ending because it’s too predictable that it will have a sad one. Lets hope that the feeling I am getting is true?

      1. Me too….as destiny might change the ruling . Love is unpredictable and one has to go through so much pain.
        They love each other but couldn’t say it neither can they love. Both are correct at their place but still are enemies to one another.

      1. This drama airs only Saturday and sunday 2 days of the week…… You can check details on mydramalist website

      2. new episodes will be released every saturday and sunday 10:30pm kst on jtbc and in here some hours later. You can write on google “snowdrop air time” and it says the time 🙂

    1. Happy new year!! That’s the first time I have heard someone say they liked 2021, so I’m happy to hear you had a great year.

  22. WOW, I love jisso, storyline is best. Cant wait to watch it. Now her identity is not only a blackpink singer but also an actress…
    Love for jisso❣️❣️?

  23. Does someone know when (the exact time) the episode will be out in this website?? Cause I think it will be an hour and a half after it’s aired.. but I’m not sure??

  24. I think it only comes on Sunday and Monday or the weekends i think. I’m not sure but it only airs 2 episodes for 2 days. So episode 3 im guessing is tommorow or sunday…. IDK but thats wat i thought :))

    1. it air on saturday and sunday but due to controversy over this drama 3 episodes will be aired this weekend means today also to clear all the misunderstanding

      1. Hi just wanted to tell you that jtbc will upload three episodes this week which is Friday Saturday and Sunday so can you please upload if Friday and Saturday both tmrww?

      2. The director said they will release three episodes 24th, 25th and 26th to reassure viewers that the show won’t be cancelled.

    2. Dude actually there is a website named mydramalist where you can get every single detail about whatever drama you are looking for .There will even be a countdown for the next episode.its cool check it out

  25. Hi This Blink From India.. Hope You Are Doing Well And Good..
    Well When Was Snowdrop Episode 3 Available Here… Please Update Soon Please..

  26. When is episode 3 coming….. can’t waitt… I can’t understand why are people against this drama ….jissoos acting is absolutely lovely and amazing ❤️❤️…YG should have had chosen the right drama this criticism is ruining her acting career…?

    1. YG didn’t choose the drama, she auditioned herself. And her acting career isn’t ruined, it only shows how good she is that people are stopping her from doing it. There’s nothing wrong with the drama, it’s the people who is bashing her that is.

  27. I was all for this drama until the NK spy thing. It’s sad to watch this after coming from Youth of may and as a African American who know what its like to have history twisted. I just hope they turn this drama around. TV propaganda is no joke and should not be taken likely. It’s sad to see. I am in no way bashing the people who choose to support this drama but just hope at the very least understand and empathize. Thank you ?

    1. it has been stoped because its about north korea too so north korean prim minister has been stoped it
      i dont know if it is true or not but i think so it is

      1. LOL not true. Gotta watch it to know what its about. 🙂 It will continue airing. You may check JTBC postings and response to clarify the misunderstandings about the kdrama.

        1. The 3rd was posted on Friday, the 4th is supposed to be posted today and the 5th tomorrow but after the 5th it’ll be only on Saturdays and Sundays 🙂

        2. The 3rd was posted on Friday, the 4th is supposed to be posted today and the 5th tomorrow but after the 5th it’ll be only on Saturdays and Sundays 🙂

  28. Lol please I know this drama won’t flop you know why us blinks are here to support jisoo? also these drama has been highly anticipated. You honestly underestimate how big this Fandom is which I find sad honestly

    1. How rude!I didn’t know people like you even existed!You are not a blink and a hater so just just keep your mouth shut!She has gone through a lot of pain and after that also you guys won’t stop hating!I really really really really really really hate you guys who comment like this!

  29. That person is not even being toxic. Moreover the person thats calling fans that are excited for the drama “people with low IQ” is the one being toxic. Why don’t you guys say this for every drama? Everytime a popular actor is announced to be staring in a new drama, their fans get obviously excited and think that the drama is gonna be good. So why saying shit like that only for jisoo? And every fandom has some toxic fans. I hope you get out of here if you are actually just an anti from another drama coming here to hate.

  30. This is gonna be a blockbuster drama i swear! We’ll support jisoo . We love you jisoo!❤️❤️ I am so freaking excited to see actress jisoo ?? the trailer is so awesome i cant stop thinking about this drama. I already love it?!

    1. If you want it to be a blockbuster watch it on a legal site. LOL. My prediction rating-wise this will flop. Sure, Jisoo has mil;lions of fans worldwide –they they are watching it illlegally so it won’t be a hit.

      1. Just by watching the trailer it show’s how good jisoo’s acting is. This is her Debut drama thats why we r excited and that is why we’re saying its our fav drama. Becz of jisoo! U dont have to say anything bad its our personal choice. So mind urself! SNOWDROP IS MY FAVORITE DRAMA.

        1. ???what a reply that’s why people say your types of people’s a so toxic fan base . This is my opinion ?I know you reply are so long so iam waiting .

          1. See guys, if u r from a different fandom and u think blinks are toxic but its not all of them, please learn how to respect other fandoms too guys. I am an ARMY and i need to say something because what u guys are doing is wrong…. The user said “This is gonna be awesome and my favorite kdrama.” Please note there that she mention the word.. “gonna”. I respect ur opinion but but please mature up and stop fanwars. We are supposed to stop something like fanwars from happening and not create one 🙂 . I hope u understand and would not do anything like this, and ik ur idols that u love also won’t like it 🙂 bye thx for reading, be kind hearted and stay positive (please don’t think it the other covid way <3) in a way that everyone around u will be happy <3

          2. Next time, think before you comment.
            Also, Before attacking another for their own opinion, and asking for them to accept your own, at least find an ounce bit of maturity in the response. (: we cannot solve toxicity by spreading it some more. Plus the person was expressing their admiration for a certain individual and the drama (despite it not being released yet), how is that toxic and how is it affecting you??

          3. Hey, you guys don’t have to be this rude. We are just excited to watch Jisoo’s drama so let us do that peacefully. Stop fighting over stupid shit and have a great day you guys! Stay happy! <3

          4. ok whatever we are but seems like you just want to start a war or something so just SHUT THE HELL UP and enjoy the show, if you genuinely came here to watch. what n where can you see the toxicity of the fan base we sincerely came here to support Jisso n watch the drama, even if the drama fails which it will not but incase it still be our fav drama what so ever cuz its Jisso n we love her above all that its her debut drama . so lets peacefully wait ……..

          5. how tf is that toxic? that person has voiced their opinion only.
            I simply don’t understand that how did you even connect her opinion to a toxic fan base.

          6. all that they did was voicing their opinions. I simply don’t understand why would you even feel the need to drag the topic of toxic fanbase into it as its not related in any way.

          7. when you say

            “what a reply that’s why people say your types of people’s a so toxic fan base . ”
            do you mean
            “what a reply, that’s why people say you’re such a toxic fan base.”?

            when you say
            “I know you reply are so long so iam waiting . ”
            do you mean
            “I know your replies are very long so I am waiting.”?

            also, you don’t need a space before the punctuation! 🙂

      2. If they say it’s their favourite drama then why does it bother you? Just let them say whatever they want. We all know many people are here because of Jisoo & there are some hard core fans too who will stay biased & will always say good about this drama. Doesn’t matter even if the drama isn’t good. I’m also mainly here because of Jisoo & I hope she won’t disappoint me and the drama as a whole will tell if I like the drama or not.

      3. You can just tell it’s going to be a good drama and as for my iq sorry to disappoint my iq is way way above average I’m what you call booksmart

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