Twenty-Five Twenty-One (2022)


The story is set in 1998 and tells the stories of youth who find new direction and growth after having their dreams taken away. Two people first meet when they are 22 and 18 years old and fall in love years later when they turn 25 and 21.

Na Hee Do is a fencing athlete whose high school team was disbanded due to the IMF crisis. Although her dreams appeared to have collapsed in front of her, she forged ahead into her future without giving up. Baek Yi Jin is the eldest son of a family that is torn apart due to the IMF crisis. Despite his difficult background, he works hard to become a reporter.

Go Yoo Rim is a fencer who is on the national team, and the rival of Na Hee Do, who is the same age as her. Although she showcases a fierce charisma as a fencer, she turns into a cute and lovable person with a hidden steely core when she takes off her fencing uniform. Moon Ji Woong is a social media star who is aiming to become Today’s Member (a highlighted user) on Cyworld, Korea’s top social media network of the early 2000s. Ji Seung Wan is the top student at school who hides a secret wish to rebel.

Original Network: Netflix; tvN;

Director: Jeong Ji Hyeon [정지현]

Also known as: 스물다섯 스물하나 Seumuldaseos Seumulhana Seumuldaseot Seumulhana Twenty Five Twenty One


Status: Completed

Release Year:

Genres: , , , ,

Starring: , , , , , , ,

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61 Comments to “Twenty-Five Twenty-One (2022)

  1. This drama is both emotional and happy. First it gaves happiness and full of joy, friendship,comedy,romance,good chemistry between actors.But then all of a sudden in last episodes they gave us a not so good news about Na Hee Do’s marriage and then all watchers were fed up.

    I literally cried the whole time while watching this drama,I mean I can say that they slay their roles and make us all emotional and gave us sorrow .No one is satisfied with ending and it gave all of us a heartbreak.
    I hope there will be a season 2 and things will get better,so and so…

    Still I enjoy all of their acting and the second leads were also make a good couple together. Purple Heart:,-)

    1. Don’t like much the ending because all of a sudden Na Hee Do was married. I want to see him Yi Jin older version and there should be more to offer before ended.

    1. (It’s not a rude comment so don’t take it seriously that I really want to kick directors a**’s was a greatest story I have ever seen thanks to director for that But I’m sad that they are not together)

      1. Right,I am totally agreed with your comment.I mean it’s too rude ,sad and emotional for viewers also. Atleast they should have let us know about Naa Hee Do’ s real husband.

    1. You can download it, in any resolution u want. It doesn’t take much. Play the video first & at the right downside there will be a sign simliar to this⬇️ there u click n will open a new page , then u can download

  2. This drama is literally trending and tae ri acting damn??? thats the reason I’m starting this drama. She’s so cute plus so funny ? i luv it ?. And nam joohyuk mah boi♥️♥️

  3. I really like both taeri and joohyuk but tbh I didn’t expect this drama to be that good. Glad to know i was wrong the story is so cute and it’s only been 2 eps.

  4. I have watched the 1st ep . But if Na hee do and Baek yi ji are meant to be together, why her daughter’s last name was ” Kim” not ” Baek” ?! Does it mean Na hee do will fall apart with him eventually? I started to worry a bit…..

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