A Time Called You (2023)


Han Jun Hee is still grieving over the loss of her boyfriend, Ko Yeon Jun, one year after his death. However, one day she unexpectedly finds herself transported back in time to 1998, where she is now Kwon Min Joo, a high school student. While there, she meets Nam Si Heon, who bears a striking resemblance to her deceased boyfriend. Nam Si Heon is a popular and outgoing student who attracts attention from many girls. Meanwhile, his best friend, Jung In Kyu, develops a crush on Kwon Min Joo. As Han Jun Hee navigates her new life in the past, she must come to terms with her feelings for Nam Si Heon and confront the reality that she can’t change the past or her own future.

Also known as: 너의 시간 속으로 상견니 내게로 와줘 Naegero Wajwo / Sang Gyeon Ni / Neoui Sigan Sokeuro / Sanggyeonni /Please Come to Me /Into Your Time /Someday or One Day


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9 Comments to “A Time Called You (2023)

  1. BTW, why doesn’t Dramacool update the promo poster with a correct one for this Korean remake instead of using the Taiwanese poster?

  2. I enjoyed this drama! As the drama goes along, it definitely leaves you with many questions as the story unfolds, and you’re wondering which spirit/soul is in which body at different points in time. And, I think they did a good job of explaining what happens, so I wasn’t left feeling frustrated or that any major questions were unanswered. It made sense to me. I didn’t find it confusing but just had many questions until they start answering them in the later episodes.

  3. Watching on Netflix, three episodes in I am so confused. At first I tho the high school girl lost her memories so does not recognize herself in the past. The current FL is clingy and demanding and now not willing to let go even tho the ML sup died in a plane crash. But we see the ML early on walking with a cane and burn injuries. By Episode 3, the high school girl is in a car accident and ends up in the hospital but becomes the current FL. So I came to read the comments in Dramacool to get some idea of what this drama is about, of if it’s another Nevertheless drama about absolutely nothing. I need a road map, thankfully it’s 12 episodes.

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