Bloody Heart (2022) Episode 3

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6 Comments to “Bloody Heart (2022) Episode 3

  1. I’m curious. Who will the king now choose? Jung who he loves but who is now presented as the left minister’s niece, or the war minister’s daughter who he needs her father’s allegiance and who he has already promised to wed?

  2. So she doesn’t knows (remember) that he is the king? And they still married don’t they? I am very confuse, if someone can explain me thanks!!

    1. Last time she don’t know if the boy she meet and feel in love is the crown prince,also last time went that boy help when her parents get beheaded she also don’t know if his crown prince.Because they not yet meet on formal wedding and no yet spend first night.

  3. Wooooowwww… …what a captivating drama. Sooooo intense x100000000000. It flips and turns at the most unsuspected and Jang is a masterpiece. ..coupled with the King …WOW !!!! Amazing twist. ..and cant wait to see what happens NEXT ??????????

  4. Stupid scum did it on purpose but the king should know her true identity if he forgot then he’s screwed

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