Bloody Heart (2022) Episode 7

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8 Comments to “Bloody Heart (2022) Episode 7

  1. So the King is an overconfident emotional hothead whose 5 year-old plan is as complex as a grocery list. LMAO !!!!!! Can’t wait to see him lose his cool yet again !!!!

  2. Wowwww can’t wait to see the kings cunning ways I’m really looking forward to the next episode

  3. Farrrr …the King actor is amazing. His expressions, gestures, way he speaks, way he stares and what he says plus how he says it …is EVERYTHING !!! Am gripping to his every move. The concubine masters the abiilty to shake you with her stare, breaks you down with her emotions and conjures deep feelings from her facial expressions. And the Uncle is KING of all Korean acting. ..what a marvel. in love with this. ..TY TY TY ??????

  4. This is like red sleeve cuff, the last empress, the penthouse, mine, even kingdom. The suspense is built so well and it deepens the grip it has on the audience. So well crafted. Amazing!??

  5. This series is so fulfilling… it leaves u wanting more and when watching…u feel like it shouldn’t end…am in love with it ..please the acting is just mwaa…the suspence too

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