Elegant Empire (2023)

Elegant Empire (2023)

Gi Yun, the intelligent and handsome chairman of WJ Entertainment, appears flawless on the surface, a wealthy romantic with a hidden dark ambition. His wife, Shin Ju Kyung, transformed her life through their marriage, like a modern Cinderella. Initially, a devoted mother and successful professional, her world shatters due to an unforeseen incident.

Jung Woo Hyuk, a fledgling actor from NA Entertainment, overcomes struggles with his former agency to establish himself. Missing his mentor, Ju Kyung, who vanished, he encounters Seo Hee Jae, a dead ringer for Ju Kyung, entering NA Entertainment. As Hee Jae approaches Gi Yun, Woo Hyuk’s confusion deepens.

The questions linger: Who disrupted her life, and how will she reclaim her lost perfection?

Episodes: 100

Director: Park Ki Ho [박기호]

Also known as: 우아한 제국 Uahan Jeguk



Release Year:

Air Date: Aug 07, 2023

Genres: ,

Starring: , , , , , , , , , , ,

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