Island Part 2 (2023)


“Island” is a thrilling fantasy drama about three heroes battling to save the world from evil forces. Based on a popular webtoon by Yang Kyung-il and Yoon In-wan, season 2 picks up where we left off with Van, Won Mi-ho, and Johan continuing their fight against the demons on Jeju Island.

As the heroes work to stop the ghosts from taking over, viewers can expect non-stop action and an epic battle between good and evil.

Also known as: 아일랜드2 Aillaendeu 2 Island S2 / Island 2


Status: Ongoing

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  1. Watch both 1& 2.
    Great actors but somehow content disapoints..i dunno what im watching..
    Not judging.perhsps my brain is mot mafe out for this genre?

  2. I am honestly really disappointed.

    *Spoiler alert*
    I had such high expectations for this one. The first three episodes looked really promising, but from then on it went downhill in my opinion. Something about it just gives off low budget and low effort. In this drama there isn’t a lot of characters, and yet I got a bit confused but whether that is because of the drama or because things get lost in translation, I will never know. I really liked Van as we saw him in the first episodes. I hate how every male character that seems different: cold, mysterious, withdrawn, and calculated seems to soften for the love interest. It is such a shame because I am purposely not watching a romance drama and in my opinion, it ruins the character that him falling in love changes him. I know it was briefly talked about in the show but I couldn’t help but feel that Van wasn’t in love with Won Mi-Ho. He was in love with her potential, and the sides of her that reminded him of Wonjeong. That is why I really enjoyed Gungtang. Even though he became close to Bo Yeom-Ji he still was willing to sacrifice her to get what he wanted and to me, he is the most relatable character in the drama. I liked that he didn’t change and that he wasn’t so quick to forgive and forget. He isn’t a bad person, neither of them are. They speak of the law of causality. That everything that changes has a cause. And in this case, they were abused, enslaved and dehumanized and forced to take on the burden of being a killer and a monster all in the name of fate. I can understand injustice breeds revenge and it would have been more realistic for Van and Gungtang to have pursued that together and then maybe later on Van would change sides. I have some questions that I still don’t know the answer to. Why was it only Gungtang who was sealed after Wonjeong’s death? And why were they even in danger, they were humans before they became part lust demons, so that side of them should have kept them from being expelled from the island. The 46 stone heads were those Wonjeong’s spirit that broke into all those pieces or? And was Geum Beak-Jo the same person who trained Wonjeong or is it her reincarnated? In my opinion, priest Johan (apart from priest Peter) was the most worthless character on the show. He had one purpose which was to protect Won Mi-Ho (in the beginning also from Van) until she could live out her potential and create the barrier and literally every single time he was tasked with protecting her, Van had to go save his ass cause he was too weak. I wish they would have explored his faith a bit more. We saw one scene where he showed a bit of anger or lack of understanding for why God didn’t intervene and save his brother. I wish they would have given his character a bigger storyline where he maybe lost faith for a little bit but then came back or maybe lost his faith altogether instead of being more of a “filler” character for the plot. The ending was very disappointing. I know they’ve purposely created an open ending in hopes of getting renewed for a third season but let’s assume they won’t get it, that leaves the show with a very unsatisfying ending. I had thought of it to be more emotional. But Won Mi-Ho barely fought Van over giving her the missing marble piece. There was no scene with them reenacting her fulfilling her promise to him – instead everything happened fast and without much hesitation. During the entire second season, I kept saying to myself “there’s no substance in this”. They made the episodes even shorter in the second season which I am not following because it honestly was hard to tell what the storyline was and what the end goal was. Most episodes were just fighting and there was barely any talking or any developments between the characters. The only part I really liked was the supernatural elements and all the different ways the evil spirits showed themselves. And of course the end scene where Gungtang and Van kill each saying they started it all and thus should end it altogether. But besides from those small gems, this show really looked promising but quickly lost momentum and a lot of scenes were outright cringe to watch.

    Total unsatisfying ending and there wasn’t any closure for any of the characters considering that they might not get a third season.

    Rating: 6/10

    1. You have soo many questions that was actually answered in the series…
      Yes Van liked Wonjeong but that was many many many yearrrs before Won Mi-ho, he felt remorse to Wonjeong for killing her when she couldve saved him but he fell in love with Won Mi-Ho’s personality and tenacity to save him. The reason why Van was not on the same side as Gungtan is because he saw the evil in Gungtan way before they tried to kill Van and Gungtan during the lust daemon barrier thing with Wonjeong. Gungtan was the only one who was sealed afterher death because when Van stabbed Wonjeong there was a piece of the magic marvel that went into him, and thats why Won Mi-Ho struggled so much to create the barrier. Geum Beak-jo is the same person who taught Wonjoeng, she is some mother to the mythical ‘creatures’ on the island – the headstones one of which was Benjule. Priest Johan did play no significant role besides the fact that he was there to basically show the audience that Van is a essential person to protect Won Mi-Ho. The reason she is not able to keep her promise of saving Van was because there was no time and its to show the audience that sometimes there are promises that we just cant fulfil… The ending was barely any talking because i think they aimed at making it action scenes to keep the audience thrilled. The reason for no character development is because they are keeping that for the third season.
      there is a big possibility of a third season because there still needs to be redemption for Van and as we saw there needs to be a more centre stage character line for Priest Johan.
      Im very sure there will be a season three because the fans of the show and the cast members are very happy to see certain actors take on a role that is not the same as the usual characters which they act out…

      Hope this helps you to understand what you failed to understand and comprehend whilst watching all 14 episodes apparently.

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