Twinkling Watermelon (2023)

Twinkling Watermelon (2023)

Other name: 반짝이는 워터멜론 / 閃亮的西瓜 / Banjjagineun Woteomellon / Shining Watermelon / Sparkling Watermelon / Дорама Игристый арбуз

Synopsis: Eun Gyeol, a student with deaf parents (a CODA), possesses an extraordinary musical talent. Despite his responsibilities at home, he excels as a model student during the day and indulges his passion for music by playing guitar in a band at night. One fateful day, he stumbles upon a mysterious musical instrument store that transports him to an enigmatic realm.

In this new place, Eun Gyeol encounters Yi Chan, Se Kyung, and Cheong A. Together, they decide to form a band they christen “Watermelon Sugar.” As they embark on their musical journey, Yi Chan finds himself smitten with Se Kyung, renowned as the “Cello Goddess” of Seowon Arts High School, and endeavors to capture her heart.

(Source: Aianwiki)
Episodes: 16


Status: Completed

Release Year:

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11 Comments to “Twinkling Watermelon (2023)

  1. A cute, fluffy, summery drama with a hidden emotional punch. I would recommend for people who enjoy coming-of-age stories, band music, and the 90s. If you’re looking for nuanced time travel mechanics, this is not it. This story leans heavily into family and bromance, romance is minimum.
    (Would be nice if Dramacool stopped making comments disappear randomly, alas…)

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