Link: Eat, Love, Die (2022) Episode 10

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47 Comments to “Link: Eat, Love, Die (2022) Episode 10

  1. The story is interesting. The leads are a little boring. Maybe because they are too young for this kind of story. I dont know, they dont appeal to me. My opinion only. I like the f + m police oficcers, more interesting. She seems not powerful but strangelly trying to be. I admire it. She demands respect and he doesnt have any problem to give it to her. I LOVE THEM.

  2. what if jingeun and dahyun saw what happened in that red house, what if they had trauma that the two of them have lost something(dahyun lost memory and jingeun became insane) the grandma ad that old policeman are quiet suspicious tbh, but what dfference will i make if they found who killed he girl is he really gonna kill him

  3. Omg really curious about the red door I’m happy I didn’t regret watching this drama like it’s live it amazing and I think that her grandma has some link with that red door as she don’t want her to know so may be like she accidentally killed her and her grandma don’t want her to recall it
    Well it’s just a guess

  4. But why do I have a bad feeling about the police officer (cheif Seo) he is so dramatic person from the beginning

  5. ughhh i always get so sad when they start showing the trauma from gyehoons past T-T that scene where they cried together in the restaurant made me SOB HAHAHA

  6. Thanks For The Theory
    We Will Talk to To our Writer for season 2
    Don’t worry For Season 2

  7. What if the link has always been between gyehoon and dahyun from start and he probably thought he had the link with his sister.
    Yea twins do experience telepathy but what if it was dahyun’s heart that stopped beating at that point.
    What if his sister is still alive…What if?

    1. Then their story would be off because they definitely stated that Dahyun had recently moved to the town at the time and Gyehoon’s sister became the first classmate to talk to her, whereas the link had always been there to the point and the twins father enrolled them in reality shows to show off their telepathy.

  8. This series started off OK but there are too many ‘pauses’ and its all a bit childish between the two main characters, I stopped watching after 5th episode. Its a shame as I really fancy Mun Ka-Young lol.

    1. She can accidentally killed that girl in process of self defence from that stalker and her mum seeing her without her knowing ..remember when she said her mum n her grandmother clean the blood like expert…too much twist

  9. Omg it’s getting so interesting,so many answers ,but more and more questions are adding up.I am so curious of what happened behind the red door.It seems like her grandmother doesn’t want her to know…
    I really wonder why she can’t remember anything from her past.And of course I am so happy that they are finally a couple.

  10. I’m curious about the woman police officer, I think she has a back-story. Also, I have noticed her looking so intently at Gyehoon whenever he comes to the police station. There is something she knows or what if she is Gyehoon’s sister and that his sister is actually alive but perhaps something happened to her so she doesn’t have that ‘link’ with Gyehoon anymore and instead Dahyun has it???? I’m clowning I guess but what if


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