Nevertheless (2021)


Park Jae Uhn, who finds dating a waste of time but likes to flirt. Even though he is friendly and cheerful toward all, he is actually uninterested in other people and has sworn off dating. He’s a master of the “push-and-pull” who doesn’t get swept up in emotions. He draws firm lines between himself and other people and doesn’t reveal how he feels, but when he meets Yoo Na Bi, he finds himself wanting to cross those lines. Yoo Na Bi, who doesn’t trust love but wants to date. After a cruel and bitter experience with her first love, she no longer believes in destiny and makes up her mind not to get swept up in love again. When she meets Park Jae Uhn, however, he has a magical effect on her that shakes up her determination to remain aloof.

Adapted from the webtoon of the same name.

Original Network: Netflix; jTBC;

Director: Kim Ka Ram [김가람]

Also known as: 알고있지만 알고 있지만 Algo Issjiman I Know But I Already Know


Status: Completed

Release Year:

Genres: ,

Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

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179 Comments to “Nevertheless (2021)

  1. I love these falling in love kdramas. But really, they move too slow, it’s frustrating. Holding my breath for a good 5 minutes. Nooooo. But it is a beautiful story.

  2. It was a real treat for me. The drama made me think about my relationship in the past …not in a harsh way, but truly with love. It was beautifully made from the very beginning. The characters were scripted well and they were so different and bright, so it was such a pleasure to watch them.

  3. The series was so beautiful and heart warming, it gave me a beautiful feel especially the first episode, it attracted me so much , and it’s actually tells a true story about love I absolutely recommend this series. ???

  4. Just finished this! I loved the story and while it was a bit slow paced, I think this is the case with most Kdramas – I didn’t read the description and just watched it head on. I found the main girls insecurity to be a wake up call in my own life, since many people have confidence issues from previous relationships that prevent them from finding happiness even if love is right in front of them. Or some are in horrible relationships and don’t leave and wonder why they aren’t happy. This show just proves the importance of loving yourself first to find someone who can love you as you want. As much as this show is about love, there is a truth in it that I hope many focus on because it’s pretty relatable. In all of the relationships portrayed in this show, you get a sense of everyone’s own insecurities and how they conquer it as a relationship. Point is, it takes two to tango so if you want a relationship to work it, you both have to be in it to win it.

  5. This drama was so slow it was like watching grass grow. It was a 6 episode drama stretched into 10 by boring minutia and too much plot-stopping music. Sexual explicitness was excessive. I really like the ML and FL as actors, but the storyline and execution were yawners.

    1. When I was on episode 10 I was thing, ‘please don’t let it be 16 episodes cos I can’t take no more of Nabi pain’.

  6. Whar the actual fuck is this series. It all went to shit right after ep 3. I just dunno why I keep watching this.

      1. Can someone tell me in which ep does hi was waited for sol and then ran to her and gave her flowers? Something like that. i saw clips but i couldnt remember that scene so can anyone tell me?

    1. This is a reminder to be patient in waiting. The drama airs every Saturday and will usually be uploaded here a day after. As always, the staff and admins are doing their best to cater to the viewers’ demands.

  7. Next episode will be on the 11st of August so patience everyone plus im rooting for the too main characters the bestfriend should remain as he is

  8. I think the ending of this story (Kdrama) is different from the real story in the webtoon :'( It should be her bestfriend because that f*ck boy never change based in the story of webtoon..

    1. Yeahhh, but from the look of things she’ll end up with d f*ck boy…. This isn’t our usual type of kdrama… They’re being only realistic..
      In reality Girls usually make the dumbest, stupid choice while choosing a partner. They’re more into those who’ll break their heart.. They don’t pay attention wen real love comes knocking at d door… Nabi’s gonna end up with the cutie of course but that doesn’t that mean their love is guaranteed… She’ll be shattered in pieces worse than her first boyfriend, and yeah won’t include that on the movie, I mean wat comes next after being with that cutie boy

  9. The plot is ok. But if u’re a kdrama fan who loves the innocence of k-dramas, b sure not to watch it (pg 19+). The movie also requires a lot of patience, cuz from their conversations down to their movements are so slow

  10. I can’t sleep because of this man Park Jeo yun?? Also the songs are so beautiful, I’m addicted to it….. And Nabi is also so beautiful !!! This is the best couple I have seen still now in K-drama

    1. What’s the title of the song. Its really nice. Though I don’t understand Korea language. I really love the song

  11. when will be the episode posted actually ?
    like I m asking the day
    I m starting to get dramasick
    or at least when will be the 5 the episode be released??

    1. People stop complaining!!!! The show is aired every Saturday Korean Time!!! They’ll be posting a day after.

    1. ur watching for free
      if ur gonna complain about them being slow, just pay and support the creators
      beggars cant be choosers

      1. bruh u fr? arent u greatful for te ppl who take their time to make subs and editing em?…and u being a 12yo complaining…gtfo bro…if u cant appreciate something then dont comment

        1. We really appreciate a lot it’s just what we are just curious of what’s next,, please reconsider and forgive us

    2. r u for real? from all the services they are posting the fastest! if it’s to slow for you maybe learn korean and help them to translate the episodes hmm?
      are you even aware how much time it actually takes to translate and then put the subtitles on the video correctly?
      and honestly i’m still amazed how fast they are actually doing it! we all should be thankful that we can not only access the series for free but also be able to watch it with subtitles FOR FREE!

  12. I think this drama is somehow like – fifty shades of grey ….just a wild guess after watching the first 3 episodes

  13. For everyone wondering:
    The kdrama is still ongoing and only 1 Episode for week comes out!
    I know, it’s a very long time of waiting, after all that happened, but unfortunately we have to wait. :c

  14. how many eps will be there? r there only 3 eps,or is there more coming ….if there r more eps plz post them quickly

  15. when are you gonna post the episode 3 i’ve been waiting for soooooo long pleaseeeeeee post it fast naaa

    1. Umm if you are not on netflix, then you wouldn’t know that they post weekly so please have some patience

  16. it’s a wrecker! I hate this kind of men who touch women’s bodies as if it’s his own.
    I’m exactly like her^^

    1. Episodes Release Dates:
      2021-07-03 3
      2021-07-10 4
      2021-07-17 5
      2021-07-24 6
      2021-07-31 7
      2021-08-07 8
      2021-08-14 9
      2021-08-21 10

  17. Thank you so much for the upload! The Netflix in my country does not upload every weekend until the drama is done in South Korea. I don’t really understand why, but I am very thankful for the dramacool team. Please everyone be patient. Subbing team also takes time. Thank you again for your hardwork!

    1. So agree.. Plus to think that this site is more generous than any other high paying site.. More updated than any other site… Kudos to all people behind…love and hugs

  18. It’s literally 3:28 in the morning right now and I can’t wait for the second episode, so, please, I beg of you, deliver it to me. This instant. Thank you.

    – The best person you could meet. Ever.

      1. umm dm on my insta i just found one website which have system like kinda Netflix and have all the latest kdrams and all there idk this website is not letting me send the link of that website
        insta- @shivangi_530

  19. hello pls anyone can tell me when the day and time they can upload the new episode???? GGRRHHHH i cant wait the next one!! im sooooo KILIG!!! but kinda sad this drama has 10 episode only 🙁

    1. yes actually saturday. this drama is showed at11pm on JTPC so other website is going to play this at sunday but we can’t wait?how sad

  20. Han So Hee is suited in mature drama roles such as this, just like in The World of Married Couple where she nailed it. Unlike Song Kang who was known for his cutie roles and the boy next door school boy. They are totally opposite when it comes to characterizations. I wish and hope on this new kdrama together, they can both deliver as expected of them to bring us into a new genre of more matured roles. Let’s see what will happen in the next episodes, but I have this vibe they will make it through. Good luck to the great actors.

    1. you cant?? I can dowload it. i am not sure where else you can download the dramas, have to tried to use the different websites of dramacool?

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