Get Ready to Binge: 10 K-Dramas Coming in May 2023

Get ready for a month of binge-worthy Korean dramas that are sure to transport you to another world! May 2023 brings a fresh wave of captivating shows that will have you hooked from the very first episode. Whether you’re a die-hard K-drama fan or just looking for something new to watch, you won’t want to miss these must-see series.

From romantic comedies that will make you swoon to intense thrillers that will keep you on the edge of your seat, there’s something for everyone in this month’s lineup. So grab your snacks, get comfortable, and get ready to be swept away by the latest and greatest Korean dramas hitting your screens this May. Let’s dive in and take a closer look at what’s in store!

1. Black Knight (2023)

In the year 2071, the world has been ravaged by toxic air pollution, leaving only a tiny fraction of the population alive. Delivery drivers, also known as knights, are crucial to society as they protect and deliver packages while wearing gas masks. Knight 5-8, a legendary knight, meets Sa Wol, a young refugee with aspirations of becoming a knight. Seol A, an officer in the Defense Intelligence Command, aids Knight 5-8 in training and mentoring Sa Wol in a perilous and severe world, helping him achieve his goal.

Genres: Action, Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi

Starring: Kim Woo Bin , Song Seung Heon , Kang Yoo Seok

Release date:  May 12, 2023

2. Delightfully Deceitful (2023)

The story follows a revenge-driven con artist who lacks empathy and an overly empathetic attorney. Despite their contrasting personalities, they team up to fight against injustice and form an unexpected alliance. This drama portrays their journey to battle evil together, despite their differences.

Genres: Drama

Starring: Chun Woo Hee , Kim Dong Wook , Yoon Park

Release date:  May 29, 2023

3. Race (2023)

In the workplace, Park Yoon Jo is a marketer who is determined to succeed despite not having an academic background. Ryu Jae Min is a smart and fair colleague who doesn’t have high expectations for their company. As office politics come into play, the two find themselves at the center of it all.

Genres: Business, Romance, Drama, Melodrama

Starring: Lee Yun Hee , Hong Jong Hyun , Moon So Ri

Release date:  May 10, 2023

4. My Perfect Stranger (2023)

Yoon Hae Joon is a young anchor known for his cool-headedness both at work and in his personal life. Meanwhile, Baek Yoon Young works at a publishing company but longs to be a writer. Unexpectedly, they find themselves transported back to 1987. Hae Joon investigates a serial murder case while Yoon Young tries to stop her parents from getting married. Eventually, they discover that their missions are intertwined.

Genres: Mystery, Romance, Drama, Sci-Fi

Starring: Kim Dong Wook , Jin Ki Joo, Seo Ji Hye

Release date:  May 1, 2023 – Jun 20, 2023

5. Tale of the Nine-Tailed 1938 (2023)

Lee Yeon time-travels to 1938 and meets Ryu Hong Joo, a former mountain spirit now running a posh restaurant. He also runs into his brother Lee Rang, but his old friend Cheon Moo Young is now an enemy. Lee Yeon must find a way back to his present and his loved one while navigating this complicated situation.

Genres: Historical, Horror, Romance, Fantasy

Starring: Han Seok Kyu , Lee Sung Kyung , Ahn Hyo Seop

Release date:  May 6, 2023 – Jun 11, 2023

6. Happiness Battle (2023)

This suspense drama revolves around a group of mothers who engage in a cut-throat social media battle to destroy each other’s happiness. All of them are struggling with oppression, hurt, and secrets, and seek to regain their true selves. They resort to drastic measures to come out on top, causing chaos and mayhem in their quest for freedom. The drama portrays the dark side of social media, where people can easily hide behind anonymity and unleash their worst impulses. As the plot thickens, viewers are left wondering who will come out victorious in this fierce battle for survival.

Genres: Thriller, Mystery, Drama

Starring: Lee El , Jin Seo Yun , Cha Ye Ryun

Release date: May 31, 2023 – Jul 20, 2023

7. Dr. Romantic Season 3 (2023)

In “Romantic Doctor Kim,” the story takes place in a small hospital called Doldam. Kim Sa Bu, a brilliant surgeon, disappeared from the public eye and becomes the chief surgeon at Doldam Hospital. After a successful operation on Chairman Shin, he gains support to improve the hospital. However, his wrist injury acts up, and an old foe returns, causing chaos. Kim Sa Bu goes to a larger hospital to find new staff but ends up with Seo Woo Jin and Cha Eun Jae, who both have their own issues. Can Kim Sa Bu and his new team keep Doldam Hospital running?

Genres: Drama, Medical

Starring: Han Seok Kyu , Lee Sung Kyung , Ahn Hyo Seop

Release date:  Apr 28, 2023 – Jun 17, 2023

8. Oh! Youngsimi (2023)

Oh Young Sim, a single woman in her 30s, has been a TV variety show PD for 8 years, but her shows are always cancelled due to low ratings, leaving her career in crisis. She gets a chance to produce a love entertainment show as a pilot program, casting famous start-up founder Mark Wang as a guest. She’s surprised to learn that he’s actually her childhood crush Wang Kyung Tae, who moved away to the US when they were young. Meanwhile, PD Lee Chae Dong supports Oh Young Sim, and her friend Goo Wol Sook runs a popular YouTube channel. The story follows their lives and relationships.

Genres: Comedy, Romance

Starring: Song Ha Yoon , Lee Dong Hae , Lee Min Jae

Release date:  May 15, 2023 – Jun 13, 2023

9. One Day Off (2023)

In this drama set in the 1990s, Park Ha Kyung is a high school Korean literature teacher seeking an escape from her mundane life. To add some excitement, she embarks on solo day trips every Saturday. While traveling, she enjoys trying new foods, exploring new places, and meeting interesting people. Through her journeys, she discovers a sense of comfort and empathy that she never knew before. This heartwarming drama showcases the beauty of taking time for oneself and finding solace in the simple pleasures of life.

Genres: Food, Life, Drama

Starring: Lee Na Young , Park Se Wan , Koo Kyo Hwan

Release date:  May 24, 2023

10. The Good Bad Mother (2023)

Young Soon, a single mother and pig farmer, raised her son Kang Ho alone. Despite her love for him, Kang Ho saw her as a bad mother due to her strict parenting. Kang Ho became a cold-hearted prosecutor as an adult, keeping his distance from his mother. However, an accident caused him to return to his hometown and reconcile with Young Soon. His childhood friend, Mi Joo, known for her warm heart and strong sense of justice, also reconnects with him after the accident, leading to a transformative experience for her.

Genres: Comedy, Life, Drama, Family

Starring: Ra Mi Ran , Lee Do Hyun , Ahn Eun Jin

Release date:  Apr 26, 2023 – Jun 8, 2023

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2 Comments to “Get Ready to Binge: 10 K-Dramas Coming in May 2023

  1. Good bad mother is a story of making right what is wrong. I would like to see longer episodes and a season 2 because there is much layers in the livers of these simple characters. And I wish they gave more then 1 episode a week. The wait is TOO LONG For my taste.